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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by mwalz, Jul 26, 2014.

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    I know right, i hate english. I used to be so great at it. then I stopped writing anything and it all went down hill quick!
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    Well, my "first year" story is still in progress; only been in it for a month or two, part time, and only working my neighborhood so I have like 4 clients. I'm using all cordless electric equipment, because that's what I bought for my personal lawn when I moved in, and I carry it all in the trunk of my Ford Focus (yes, that tiny trunk can hold a trimmer, mower, blower, and hedge trimmer. It's a tight squeeze but it works! I'm asking around for anyone who may donate a truck, while trying to save up to buy one, so I can get a trailer or at least ramps and a good commercial grade mower, then keep upgrading and expanding. I can't wait to see the company grow and get into more and more exciting jobs!
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    I started at the tail end of last year. My original plan was to do this as a hobby and earn a little extra income.I had just a cheap riding mower and weed wacker. After a month I had 5 clients so decided to buiy some better equipent. I decided to go with a snapper pro zero turn and echo blower. By seasons end I had 15 accounts which blew my mind. This year started very strong I am now up to 35 accounts with 3 of those being commercial with serveral in the works. I have purchased our first core aerator and About to invest in a wright stander for my new helper. It amazes me to this day how fast we have grown. Next year this time it will be my full time job. Thanks to everyone on here has provided valuable information.
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    Great responses. I am currently hauling my equipment in my trunk of a Cobalt. Toro Self Propelled push, weed wacker from a co worker for $25 and a walmart gas leaf blower. Bought a truck for $1200 and am trying to get it to pass emissions test and register it tomorrow. Have about 5 accounts right now

    This site most definitely give me hope:weightlifter:
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    I worked for a park system in the tennis shop. Could be described as a music/guitar head / slacker. Next door was a seniors exercise class. One lady came through the tennis shop, and said her daughter needs to find someone to cut her yard. I had a mower, so I threw it in the back of my hyundai hatchback and cut it. I used an electric weedeater and blower:) I guess word spread through the exercise class, and i had 8 regular customers overnight. My hyundai smelled like gas, but i didn't care. I started doing the math, and soon realized that even though it's hard work, it blows the tennis shop gig out of the water. I got to a point where i dreaded clocking in at the tennis shop, and that forced me to get the customers i needed to say good bye to that shop. I really had no direction in life (some would argue that i still don't:), but I really got into the fact that I can create my job, instead of staring out of a window. I only had about 13/14 accounts when i told the park to shove it. Well, i didn't really say that, but i remember the day vividly.
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    How I got my 1st blower is a story of its own. At 15 a friend and I were gonna start doing some lawns on our own. Hopped on my bicycle and rode a few miles to the bank and withdrew $400 from my bank account(went through the drive thru on my bike). Then peddled another 4 or 5 miles to a local dealer and bought an echo backpack blower. Then asked the guy that sold it to me if I could use the phone to call my mom and have her come pick me up so I didn't have to ride home with it on my back. 13yrs later I'm still in business and making a success of it.
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    Brand new to the site I started about 7 years ago with a z trak 425 John deere mowing a cemetery for father in law kept bidding on jobs and currently have 20 commercial accounts now which bring in around 65,000 in revenue I now have 2 Z 930 John deere zero turn a 636 John deere stander, 725 front deck, 24 foot enclosed trailer, plus all the other basic equipment I also own a radiator repair shop which brings in around 50,000 a year By the way I am also retired I live in the very southern tip of illinois
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    I started with a 52" scag, fs90r trimmer and a br320 blower in 2007. The first couple of years were pretty rough but now we are smooth sailing, growing rapidly every year.
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    I've done neighbors for years but only really licensed and started this year. Yard machines push mower and toro 42" tractor with an echo trimmer. My grandfather gave me a 48" Husqvarna zero turn a few years ago though.

    Starting this year as my first year licensed and looking to do commercial work I started out with a Gravely 460, Echo SRM 230 and an Echo PB 250. My truck is an 07 F150 and a 16' tandem trailer

    Now I have that equipment plus an Exmark Viking 36", Echo PAS 266 and an Echo PB 770T.
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    It Amazes me how big the lawn care industry is .When I started 7 years ago I had no idea you could grow your business this fast
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