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Where dO I buy the neccesary advertisement:


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hey guys, my question is where do I go for advertisement: Flyer, leave behinds etc... do I go online, download software, or just go to the local kinkos and them whip me up a batch any kind of feedback will be great....thanks


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Elkhart, Indiana
Theres a printing place here called Service Printers that im having design the logos, make my business cards, flyers, doorhangers and whatever else i need. Just look in the yellow pages for some printing companies, and if your looking for logo desing, see if they do any graphic design. They usually will meet with you and talk to them about what your trying to accomplish.


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Well here is the experiences I have been having. I recently put an ad in the city paper(St.Paul) and also on two free classified websites in my area. Craigslist.com has free listings in your area, and has been great for me. I usually get calls during the day when ppl are at work and don't have time to search the paper, so they look online and call me. Try and find as many free classified websites for your area and put your ad on there. This is my favorite advertising so far. Good Luck