Where do I find Kawasaki small engine service manuals?


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All right call me crazy or just weird, but I like to have the service and repair manuals for all my stuff (Trucks, Atvs, Harley, and equipment). I have manuals for trucks and ATVs I haven’t owned since I was 16, but I have had more of my friends come over and borrow them over the years. Here is my point where do I find Kawasaki small engine service manuals? I bought all my equipment used so I am in the process of going over, fixing, and maintaining it up to my standards.(I am kind of picky) would the dealer have them or can I find them on the web? I did some searching but found nothing for the model I have FH580V-KAI on a Wright Stander. Any help would be appreciated thanks.


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Sorry Shop22 I can’t PM you yet “The Man” says I do not post enough to be able to PM. I hate rules and the people that get their jollies off forcing them on others. But let’s get back on track the sticker on the side of the block says it is a FH580V-CS23-R. Thanks for all your help.


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Kawasaki dealer should be able to get them for you. Kawasaki has most of them on their dealer site in PDF format. Your dealer might send that to you if they are nice or I am sure they could get you a copy of the printed manual if you want that instead.

Unfortunately they dont have them accessible from the end user parts lookup site like Kohler does.


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On edit: sorry didn't see FH580V in your post before posting the link.

Great site! Thanks for sharing. By the way, when I first looked at it I found the service manual for my Exmark ZTR engine, but there was none for that of my Quick 36. So I contacted them and asked about that. They responded saying they have now added the manual for

FH451V FH480V FH500V FH531V FH541V FH580V FH601V FH641V FH661V FH680V FH680V & FH721V.

So now the manual for my Quick 36 engine is in there too. Just mentioning it if some of you were unaware of that.

By the way, in case some of you didn't look at rest of that site, they also provide the service manuals for other engine manufacturers such as B&S, Kohler, etc.

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