where do I get 20% vinegar?

Discussion in 'Organic Lawn Care' started by rb_in_va, May 30, 2007.

  1. Smallaxe

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    Does anyone know , or have a source about, what happens to acetic acid of natural vinegar in the soil?
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  3. YardPro

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    vinegar is nothing more than acetic acid.....

    you can use any acid and have the same results for much cheaper.

    any of the carboxylic acids would yeild the same results ( formic acid, oxalic acid, and formic acid)

    hydrochloric acid ( muratic aci) is only a hydrogen and a chlorine, it would do he same thing as acetic, but would yeild chlorine as a waste product. The chlorine in the ground would more than likely combine with any sodium and create salt..

    before anyone jumps on the " i would never use muratic acid" bandwagon.... the only two chemicals in it are hydrogen and chlorine (HCL).... when they react the hydrogen is combined with oxygen to form water, and the chlorine is the same as when salt is applied. as a weed killer, but the byproducts of HCL are much less toxic to the soil, as salt leaves both sodium and chlorine in the soil
  4. Smallaxe

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    What if you want acid without chlorine salts?

    Is acetic acid then a better choice?
  5. Kiril

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    Acetic acid is the better choice, the problem is getting it at a concentration that will actually do what you need it to do.

    Note, if you have an acidic soil (as noted in another post), use any acid with extreme caution.

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    Dumb post here. But I'm assuming that each weed has to be individually sprayed. So if you have to walk from weed to weed why not just pull it up while you are there?
  7. Smallaxe

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    Thanks for the reply and confirmation. :)
    Any idea what the vinegar breaks down to?
  8. Kiril

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    Short answer, I don't know. It depends on the chemical and microbial makeup of your soil.

    Some of the potential decomposition products are CO2, H+, H20, CO ... however more complex molecules are possible.
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    One important fact missing in this old thread is that 20% Vinegar will cause permanent eye damage if splashed in the eye.
    A better alternative is Avenger Weed Killer. It is citrus based, OMRI listed and yes, we do carry it.
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    I'll definitely back up that post about Avenger Weed Killer.

    Much safer to use, kills annual weeds in 2 hours, can reseed in 4 hours.

    Smells like citrus when you spray, so there's no nasty odor for the homeowner to wonder about.

    I've personally used the product and can attest to the fact that it works as well and as fast as it claims.

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