where do i start?

Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by cypresslawncare, Oct 31, 2004.

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    I have no clue about landscaping, I just mow yards, but people are asking me about landscaping. Where did you guys learn how to do all this stuff? I'm young and inexperienced!
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    Start with friends who want landscapes built, good clients. etc... do the project at a discount with their full understanding that you are new to this, any comments/critique would be appreciated. Follow the project up with a survey: do they like it, what could be better, etc..

    I would suggest taking a simple landscape design course at your local community college. When I was in college I started out in engineering, did 2.5 years in civil engineering and was bored stiff. I discovered Plant biology/ biochemistry and found my calling. I mixed in a couple design courses and I was off and running. I started in pesticide applications and now my company is a full service landscape solutions company.

    When we added irrigation, I approached my 10 top clients and told them that we were adding this service but we were new to it. Would they mind being Guinea pigs for a 50% discount? They all said yes and now we install about 10-20 systems per year.

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