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    Jody, I'm not in your area and I'm always looking for new ideas, my email is below if you wish to contact me.


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    could you expand on what type of ad it was? Was it done by an insurance agency or an ad agency, & what was the means of distribution-radio, or printed page, etc.? Guess I haven't heard of or don't recognize that one.
    Thanks (I'm in Ohio):)
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    Most all lawn care and landscapers around here are working at capacity. Many, (I included) have waiting lists of people wanting service. Just last week, I was flagged down by a fellow contractor, wanting to know if I wanted three prime accounts, all in a row, in a neighborhood that I work in. Had to turn them away. Simply working at capacity.

    I never did have to advertise. Simply doing a good job, and being dependable has worked well for me.

    I take that back, one time, when I first started offering snow plowing services, I direct mailed 50 postcards to a select group of business that I was interested in plowing for. Got 4 jobs, and quoted sevral others.

    I do have my work truck lettered, only company name, and telephone number. This keeps people from stopping to ask for my contact info. They can get it themselves off the truck.

    Most scapers around here are friendly to one another. They know I'm not out to steal their jobs, and they are not out to take mine. Don't have to.

    I do see that some folks in my area do still advertise. This leads me to believe that they do shoddy work, and are forced to continually find new customers because they can't please them.
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    Hey Jodi,

    If you're not on the Central Coast of California, pass your secret along to me at CummingsLNG@aol.com. I have never, in six years, advertised in any way except word of mouth but am starting to look into that now. I'd be *very* interested to hear what this method is you've been running...

    Thanks in advance! :)

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    am over here in Northern Washington state so i am curious as well i suppose. My email is Lomers1@excite.com.

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    hey jodi

    ljaindustries2@aol.com..........very interested in your secret .......

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    This is my first year in business and would like to know your secret. I am in Oklahoma so I'm not near you.
    Thanks, lno9402185@aol.com
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    I'm in Germany, don't think we are competing for the same customers. Please e-mail me more info please!!


    Do any of you guys use the property transfer page in your weekend paper?? Anytime property, commercial or resedential, changes hands, it goes in that listing for the public to see. Send them a letter that congratulate's them on their new property at such and such a street, and explain your services for them. If its not out of the way go check it out and advise on some things that can be done to improve on their property.

    Hope this Helps!!

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    Regarding Guido's suggestion of targeting new property owners, in our area services exist that collect that data, put in on mailing labels and sell those to businesses. It's easy to peel and stick the label to your marketing piece. Some sort of personalized follow-up is a good idea.
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    I'm interested in your secret. If you could e-mail the information I would greatly appreciate it. I live in Northwest Ohio, so no threat to you. Address is angjoe@henry-net.com Thanks for your help, it is greatly appreciated.

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