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    Ok, I hope I responded to everyone that asked. I just sent out one basic response to everyone.

    If you e-mailed me, and I missed your name, it wasn't intentional. Let me know, and I'll make sure to get back with you.

    Also I'm curious to know what you think of the idea, and if you think it would work well for you in your service area.

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    missed me.
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    I have found that seniors are great customers and in my area we have a Township Senior Center, which I found out about this from a client. I put one ad in for $25 and man the calls came in. Seniors talk and the ones that didn't see it in the monthly paper heard about it. I was the only Lawn Care Service that has ever advertised in this publication and WOW the eairly bird does get the worm! I highly recomend looking in your area for a Senior's center and advertise...It's worth it!

    This October 5 they are holding an annual bazaar and for $40 I can set up a table and bring whatever I want to help sell my service i.e. pictures, written compliments, whatever I want. over 1,000 seniors come to this thing and this is the good part AGAIN, I WILL BE THE ONLY LAWN SERVICE GUY THERE! Sorry folks they promised me the spot so don't even try it where I am. Yup Seniors are great they always pay on time, great conversation, and some of them bake me pies! Gotta love that!!!
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    If you would like to have numerous residential properties in the same neighborhood, advertise in that community's homeowner association newsletter. Usually the rates are very cheap and the response good because people know that you are wanting to work in their neighborhood. Since most of the lots are of similar size, its easy to establish a minimum and an average price for that area.
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    i advertise in our county wide circular
    that has been my best mode.

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