Where do you apply round up?

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by kebrowns, Jul 17, 2012.

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    That is not true. I will spray round up on runners of "good" plants and it will kill the runner, but not harm the plant.

    Have you ever read the label? Kills down TO the roots it doesn't say anything about killing the roots. This is why on harder plants like Thistle you need to add additional chemicals.

    You will get a burndown with roundup, but then you will have regrowth. It's not because new seeds germinated 3 weeks later, it's because you didn't kill the roots.

    Most plants can't have the top burned down and still survive, which eventually starves out the root system. That's why you get a kill on 95% of the plants that are sprayed with Roundup.

    Round Up kills down to the dirt, not below dirt.
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    thanks for understanding what i am trying to say your answer helped me a lot.
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    Get a license dude. Not terribly difficult. You should know the difference between selective and non-selective for example. If you care about you business anyway.

    Btw, nice site. Looks like you do a lot of pressure washing, I've been thinking about getting that started. I'll trade you some lawn info for pressure washing info. :)
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    This seems very wrong. Can you provide links to this opinion?

    Here is an actual Round up label. Check the bottom of page 2, section 5:

    "This product moves through the plant from its point of foliage contact to and into the root system."

    Seems you are confusing the definition of contact herbicide with systemic herbicide. Scythe is a good example of what you describe.

    How do you think Round up kills perennial quack grass? It travels down to the roots (rhizomes, actually) and kills them.
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    Edit time expired, sorry. Go to section 8.1 of the label regarding cut stump treatments to woody plants. Roundup translocates into the root system to kill the entire plant (not as well as Garlon, though).

    Yes, its important to read the label and understand how this stuff really works. Don't trust the internet, even on a professional forum.
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    Roundup translocates somewhat. I know that spraying the diluted amount on pokeweed on my property will burn down the plant, but a new one will spring up almost overnight.

    Then I found instructions from a Cooperative Extension online about how to deal with this.
    The roundup will translocate, but if only a small amount is applied to the leaves, not enough makes it down to a massive root system. For plants with large root balls, like pokeweed, diluted roundup sprayed on the leaves just doesn't kill the roots.
    So, I cut the stem a little above the ground, and apply undiluted roundup concentrate directly to the cut, with a dropper. Problem gone.
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    That's an awesome idea for pesky Pokeweed. Thank you.

    I had some pokeweed get ahead of me in our tree nursery this spring that I could not foliar spray due to crop proximity. I used some semi-diluted roundup and manually applied it to about 1/3 of the leaves with a modified wick applicator. It killed them completely.

    Your idea sounds much easier.

    Some tough weeds with leathery leaves can be resistant to Roundup take up. A bit of ammonium sulphate added to the tank will help it absorb better (not sure what the mode of action here, whether it conditions the water or helps it penetrate the leaf cuticle).

    A few weeks ago I learned that the label is correct about drought stressed plants. I sprayed some broadleaf weeds like mares tail and they laughed at it. Lesson learned.
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    Don't forget section 8.2 Chemical Mowing and select weed control in Active Growing Bermuda. Roundup was discovered by Dr. John Franz of Monsanto as a accident. Dr Franz was working on a Growth Regulator which in fact Roundup is in the correct proportions. Used on Pensacola Bahia it stops seed head production and acts as a Growth regulator with out ill effects to the Bahia. Bermuda grass growth is also slowed. Case in point My own Bermuda yard was cut 8 times last year and my grass was never over 6 inches tall. Don't take my word for it Google Chemical Mowing and Diamond Wet Blade.

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    I apply it the Golden Coral :drinkup:
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    Having seen your Picture, The Golden Coral is no surprise. I am sure you get more than your money's worth.


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