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Where Do You Get Your Soil Testers!!

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If you guys could help me find a cheap one that gets Ph, Nitro, ect... That would be great, BUT ANYTHING WILL DO, AHAHAH I CANT FIND ANY AND I KNOW NOTHING ABOUT THEM!
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When I looked into this I found that there was nothing availabel that you could just stick int the ground and get instant results.

Soil Chemistry is complex stuff that takes a lot of expertise and a lab full of equipment to be accurate.

What I use is a place call Spectrum Analytic

They ahve the results done in 24 hours and the results can be obtianed online. They charge 8.50 for there basic test.

I would check them out.

Also, a test for nitrogen is not usually done since nitrogen is so mobile in the soil -- a test would not really give you important information.

Hope this helps
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Thanks, because this lady asked me to give her a estimate on fert. teatmeants i need a soil tester to see what she needs, she was complaining to me about how her old person "Lawn Doctor" wasnt getting all her weeds and was "missing spots" so I wanna make sure they were giving her the right stuff.... shes thinking of hireing me
There are several suppliers out there that have chemical sets to test soil. Gemplers is one that comes to mind. The results aren't instant, not as complete as using a testing company that you send the samples to, and sure aren't any cheaper. Most of the reputable companies will not only tell you what is in your soil sample but will also offer suggestions as to what you need to apply.
Yeah gemplers is great, I might just get a auto PH Tester from them and send the soil tests to a pro , but how will I bill the customer on a soil test.......and where are some more places to send soil for testing (im from massachusetts)
A & L Eastern Labs


Richmond VA

They probably have one closer to you, call them. They do great work. Call your extension agent and your land grant university, they will have a soil testing lab as well.

send them out and a & l eastern labs are good
whats the responce time for a and l are they quick?
If they arrive on monday, results thur or fri. Will send, or fax
Sample Soil Test Results from A& L.

But, of course, you also need to know how to read it, what it means, and what you have to do to fix things...


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Originally posted by Enviro Green
Sample Soil Test Results from A& L.

But, of course, you also need to know how to read it, what it means, and what you have to do to fix things...

Nice, they mail you that? or e-mail it....or fax??
Do you need to have your Pest. Licence to conduct the soil tests??? I sure hope not....
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