Where do you guys find good techs?

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by superchad, Jun 9, 2008.

  1. superchad

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    Today I had another one melt down due to personal reasons. Gets pretty frustrating after awhile. Done paper, internet, mailing to certified techs. I know some of you will say just have enough clients for yourself. I was growing too fast and had a partner but after a year he was gone and haven't been able to get a decent tech yet.You find out real fast why they leave other companies. Been doing this 12 years and every year the work force gets worse. We use to have to turn them away at the company I use to work for. Lookin for a tech in Mad-Town.
  2. hobbsd

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    I don't have money to do this, but if you paid $40 K or more a year, you could probably do well!
  3. superchad

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    It doesn't matter what you could pay people, With commision and bonus programs people could make good money without killing themselves. When I worked for a national company I made over 40 with commision and bonuses,Just like every other owner of a bizz, people are only going to work half as hard as you do. Did you try to private message me a few weeks back?
  4. brian_b

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    I have found that prior military or reservists work out very well. They are conditioned to the hours and the outdoors. As long as you are flexible with their need to go on duty and treat them well.

  5. heritage

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    I must disagree.

    If someone IS currently making 10-12 An Hour, and really wants to "Move Up" in the pay world like we all did, a 40K offer to the right person , saleried Fairly Based on 45 Hour work week
    (don't screw em over with that 60 Hour crap) is like doubleing their pay.

    Some young man who wants "To Work Outside" and has a Wife and young Child, would JUMP AT THIS.

    Train and be fair with the right person, and you will make some $$$.

    My 02 cents.

  6. superchad

    superchad LawnSite Member
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    I would love to have a young person with a family come and want to work like that. The problem here is the people that are looking for jobs aren't really looking for jobs.If that makes sense. That is what I was told by a hiring agency that I worked with last year. Last year I went looking for a opps manager so I could do sales and you wouldn't believe the riff raff I got. Seems most of the people I interview I can't insure because of OWI's. People drink alot here which causes alot of them to get the brown bottle flu and miss alot of work. It's not just Lawn Care it's in all jobs around here. I did construction in high school, my foreman told me that 90% of construction workers are alcholics the other 10% are recovering.:laugh:
  7. tlg

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    If we could only clone ourselves!
  8. Joshuakwhit

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    Man, I would love to find someone around here looking for a good lawn tech. Last year i was employee of the year just becuase I was never late or called in sick once, becuase of car trouble. Anyone in Nashville looking to pay adecent salary to a good tech.
  9. Frank Fescue

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    it's tough to find anyone whos licensed and reliable. scotts and chemlawn have diluted the marketplace. a lot of people start out there and get so soured on the job they quit and dont look back.

    this is a dying industry.
  10. heritage

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    Sometimes the best "Move" is when you move to another state for your carreer......Change is good.


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