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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by PRECISION LC, Feb 9, 2002.


    PRECISION LC LawnSite Member
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    Just wondering, how much bigger you want to make you company, as far as different services and also size wise.
  2. JimLewis

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    I want us to be one of the biggest landscaping companies in the state. 100+ workers, tons of accouts. As for what services, other than what we already do (all landscaping, irrigation, and water features) I'd like to have a nursery.

    My biggest goal is to do what another guy did here a few years ago. He built up a company called "Northwest Landscape Industries" over the period of 20 or more years and then they sold out to TrueGreen about 3 years ago for $13 Million.

    If I could even get $2-5 million one day, I'd be happy as a clam.

    But who knows. I'd also be happy with just a business that brought me in 100-200K per year in profit and didn't require a lot of my time. If I could get to that point, I'd be plenty happy too. That's what my Grandfather and Uncle have done.
  3. sheppard

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    Great question Precision,

    Ideally, I want a 2 or 3 man crew (including me) this next year. Willing to investigate running 2 full time crews next year if I grow it that big. Have to find the right forman to run that crew. I get nervous if I'm not on the site of my work.

    Revenue projections will be $200,000 by the end of 2002.

    I've made up my mind to get 2 Wright Standers this year (52" & 36"). May entertaine the possibility of an Isuzu Landscape truck (20,000 + Wow!)

    Cordially, Sheppard
  4. Mykster

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    Since this is only my second year, I would like to have 30-50 accts. by my 3rd year and just grow as I go. There still some things I need to learn about the business. So, I'm thinking about hiring on with another company for a year or two just to familiar myself with the stuff I don't know. But haven't decided yet.
  5. Guardian

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    We may be close to the same point in our companies. I have racked my brain working out the details of crew 2.

    One of my delimas was picking out the equipment for #2. I almost bought a mid-size toro wb Saturday (was on sale -that day only) I use eXmark ztr on main crew, but now sure about spending 7k for #2 crew. I have a 2nd trailer and truck + most handhelds. I get lots of calls from yellow pg ad -mostly residential. My main crew is 75% commercial contract business.

    Anyway, about the STANDER - How much is the 36? Our dealer's PRO day had them for $4800. I thought that sounded way too high. Its size and manueverability really impress me - BUT not "5k impress me".

    Is crew 2 going to be worth it? I've heard some say on this sight that its twice the headaches, but not twice the money. If I don't expand, than I've reached the point of having the best "owner and helper" lawn business I could ask for.
  6. PAPS

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    This summer I am looking to have (5) crews out full time:
    (2) grounds maintenance
    (2) construction
    (1) tree work

    - I would like to be one of the bigger outfits in North N. Jersey eventually, hopefully that will come with time. i am only 24, so there are still many years (hopefully ;) ) to get to my goal. :)
  7. yorkpaddy

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    I mow 10-15 lawns a year while in school, i have 36 inch toro WB. This year I'd like to move up to about 30 lawns a week, and set myself up to buy a 48/52 hydro walk behind. I'd like to continue like this for the next 5 years, staying in school, and then getting a regular job, but keeping my lawns on the side. If I were to go full time I'd like to run larger equipment, like a skid steer, mini-x and a dingo, subbing out to others and doing some projects on my own. I think I could support myself very nicely with those pieces of equipment working solo or with a helper, but still small so profits are high and headaches low.
  8. I never want to grow beyond doing the work myself.
    I've downsized from 2 trucks and trailers to one, 3 years ago.
    Profits are up.
    It's amazing what one man can accomplish with the right equipment.

    Only one of my accounts has me do "whatever the lawn needs".
    I'd like to gain every customer's confidence like that.

  9. RB

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    I must be the only person on this site that is downsizing. I am solo and went from a backbreaking 75 accounts alone to about 40 great accounts this season. This is my 4th year in biz and it took me a couple of years to realize I work better alone. I have hired a few people, but none worked out (mostly my fault -- but not all my fault. lol) I sold my z and my 52" wb. I use my 36" exmark exclusively. I rarely even use my 21" mower. Went from a Ford 450 dump to a Chevy 3/4 ton (getting a dump insert this year). I on my first lawn my 9am and finish my last lawn at about 4pm each day. At home for dinner at 5pm every day. Looking forward to the 2002 season!

    It's a nice life, but I'll never make the big $ -- but that's ok w/me.

  10. HOMER

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    All that matters is that your happy RB.;)

    As for me.............................I'm going after more commercial work. Bids are out on 2 that will help the wallet pretty good. The longer I stay in this business the more I lean towards commercial properties for some reason. If I get these then I'll never be able to keep up with my residentials so I'll have to make a decison then to let em go or hire somebody to run that route. I've seen others try and get so big the fall on their face, I don't want that. If I can make a decent living and pay the bills I'm a happy camper.:D

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