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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by greenguy6870, Jun 29, 2006.

  1. greenguy6870

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    I'm just starting out and am wondering what are your most successful ways of drumming up business. Here is what I am currently doing: Fliers door to door, add in thrifty nickle, and business cards to Realtors and builders. I am planning on truck magnets and yellow pages soon. I am also hoping for (of course) referrals from friends and customers. So far it is slow going, I know it's getting late for new customers, so I am wondering what the most effective methods are.
  2. Poncho25

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    I started late also, and today I drove a few of the neighbors kids around to help put out door hangers. We put out about 300 or so today and I got 4 calls from them already, 1 was a tire kicker (just wanting to know price) 2 others already agree'd to sign an on going agreement and one needed a cut before the holiday and will get back with me after, if she feels it was a good job / price. I took the advice from some of the people here, and all these door hangers were placed in my subdiv, so I offered lower then the normal price to them because of that fact.

    I also tried out ServiceMagic for a few leads, they charge 11 bucks a lead, and they have sent me about 11 leads, and out of that I have 8 signed yearly accounts...so its worked and already paid for itself for me...
  3. Jamesgateslandscaping

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    Its a secret:laugh: :usflag:
  4. greenguy6870

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    :dizzy: don't worry, you can tell, your secret is safe with me!
  5. stroker51

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    Most of my business this year has come from friendly competitors, if competitors is even the right word. One guy I had been doing all his mowing as a sub for the last 2 years, and he finally got out and turned the reigns over to me:dancing: Another is a guy that I have become very good friends with, and he is trying out the market around here in hydroseeding, he is the only contractor offering this service so we will see how it takes off, but he gave me about a days worth of mowing. My first year I picked up almost everything from door to door and flyers, not the most effective but it does work. Got signs on both pickups this year, and considering a yellow page ad next year. Keep plugging away sooner or later that big break will come, at least that is what I am telling myself!:drinkup:

    PMLAWN LawnSite Gold Member
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    I would be very scared with the success you are having -- It is WAY above average. Are you sure you are pricing right?
  7. topsites

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    He said he was pricing low, but...

    My experience has been if you close HALF of all calls, that's low enough because you're down to the wire.
    Any lower, you're asking for trouble as you will end up with more business than you can handle (financially).
    Besides, who needs more than 50% ?

    I'd put out like 3 thousand flyers, then you're talking, or starting to...
    300 is nothing, 1,000 is a start.
  8. Freddy_Kruger

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    300 flyers in an average neighbourhood is like 4-5 hours walking for one person. 300 flyers is nothing. You can... well I can get 10,000 flyers delivered in ad bags for $420 plus taxes thats 4.2 cents each. Thats pretty cheap but my door hangers cost much more to delivery and to produce.

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