Where does the buisiness come from

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Pro Prop Care, Sep 29, 2003.

  1. Pro Prop Care

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    Does the buisiness come from fliers or word of mouth? If fliers, then what percentage of return is average if you put out 1000 fliers and got 35 accounts then you would have 3.5% return
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    Iif u can get 35 accounts from 1000 fliers then u r getting a great deal. I got around 6 for 1000. Usually there is a 1-2% return rate. I get the best luck from going door to door. I have gotten a lot more business from door to door then anything else.
  3. mike9497

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    yellow pages.signs on trucks,word of mouth all in that order.
  4. maple city

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    Word of mouth
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    I land 90% by word of mouth. I land 30% of those that reply with flyers. (2-4 every thousand). I get up to 50 calls a week early spring off yellow pages weed out and land maybe 2-4. and about 5 inquires a week off of sinage on truck and trailer. After working for a month give or take I get rid of about 50%( or they get rid of me due to being cheap) that come from the yellowpages.
    I also offer 25% of next months bill to a referee if refered signs a 9 month or longer contract, or if reffered for 500 or more in a clean up or other. Works well if you need extra.
    I think you really pretty much have to have them all to really get the properties you want.
    Best thing is to knock on doors in area you want and talk the talk. People are more willing to listen than read.
    Good luck
  7. Team Gopher

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    Put signs on your truck.

  9. DoubleCutter

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    W-O-M is the only way I do it. Im not trying to brag etc, But birds of a feather flock together. People are friends with people like them, Good honest good paying customers generally arent friends with the total oppisite of themselves. No worries bout being paid etc. When I get referred to another new customer I dont have to prove to them anything. No references, no guarantees, My customer that referred them to me already did my sales pitch for me.
    Now I would advertise in a second if I wanted a ton of lawns, but right now growth isnt my main goal. Signs on trucks, flyers, and simple signs on property where you did/doing work help alot.

    I will say though the number one way to pick up lawns is what I call the broken mower syndrome. Homeowners mower is busted, they need their lawn cut. You come in stripe and service their lawn like they have never experienced, on top of the fact they didnt have to do it themselves, %50-70 percent chance you'll get it as a full time acct. At least thats my luck. Alot of places I buy equip. also service homeowners equip. Have em refer you to people who ask for a companys name etc.

    I wouldnt recommend knocking on doors of people already being serviced by another company, Im not a big fan of dang whats the word ah starts with a C...brain fart.....
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    Our first two years was strictly word of mouth and we had consistent growth both years. This year we put a small ad in the yellow pages that cost us about $240 for the year. It came out in the new phone book in July and it's already more than paid for itself. We're planning on getting the covered trailer lettered before next season kicks off.

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