Where does your business rank?

Discussion in 'Digital Marketing' started by Backhoe Man, Jul 7, 2008.

  1. Backhoe Man

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    For those of you that have a website for your business, where do you rank on Google? Brian////
  2. MarkH45

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    Search Engine ranking is tricky. It is based on many factors including content, meta tag descriptions, link popularity etc... Every search engine ranks differently some engines rely on meta keywords while others such as google rely on meta descriptions for each page. Usually, (75% of the time) it is hard to get into the top 20 in general "landscaping" or "lawn care" organic search results. It is possible though to get higher rankings with specific keywords such as "harrisburg, pa landscape companies" or "lawn care harrisburg, pa) for instance. If you can get up into the top 10 it's free advertising. Most companies create sites just to list their services, offer coupons, etc... So many companies do not put a lot of effort into search engine optimization. It is also worth mentioning that Google likes fresh unique content added frequently so it might be worth adding a couple sentences to your site every now and then. Or you can use google adwords and your ad will be displayed when the person searching uses specific keywords. If you go this route make sure that the keywords are VERY targeted (i.e. harrisburg, pa lawn care companies)so you do not waste money advertising to people out of your area. Most of these targeted keywords only run about 5 cents per click since they are not searched that often. The idea behind this is that when people do use those keywords in a search there will be little or no competition and your site will stand out.

    I know this was not may not be what you were looking for, but it may help some people out.

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  3. kleankutslawn

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  4. Team-Green L&L

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    Google Pagerank is only given to a select few commercial sites. Most real GPR is distributed to educational and informational sites. I have managed to get a GPR of 2 and can pretty much guarantee first page placement for any keyword or phrase in my local search results, but that took quite a bit of work. I am also listed in position #1 for "Cincinnati Landscaping" which also gives me an advantage placement with the "I feel lucky" search from Google. This produces 30-50 hits per month in itself. Great investment of time or $ (whichever way you go).
  5. H2O

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    Where do you rank on Google?

    A better question to consider is “Where Does Your Web Site Rank?

    We continue to have Top 10, First page rank in our:
    Town, County, and State, in ALL leading Search Engines.

    NO PAID web advertising, NO PAID search engine or Directory listings, NO Google “ad words” PAID clicks...
    NEVA paid “SQUAT” for web advertising!

    How SO ???

    Invest your $ in Professional site design, SEO, and Proper web site maintenance with frequent updates... and YOU and your hard earned cash will reap the benefits of ALL Search Engine PR.

    Good Luck!
  6. Team-Green L&L

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    Please pardon my critique, but if you paid for the designer, SEO, and frequent updates then wouldn't that be "paying for advertising?" Just a thought.

    I only say that because I am an SEO specialist and I charge quite a bit for my time and efforts. Not to discredit the results though. It is the most "bang-for-buck" advertising I have ever seen in my years of marketing. Hence the reason I took the course at a local Community College. I really DIDN'T pay anything for advertising, but the skill-set cost me $25,000 (of which I have recouped 4x over my site alone).
  7. mdvaden

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    I like the comment by one person that clearly pointed out that hiring someone to do a website and SEO is paying for advertising when we look at it that way.

    As far as sites, we do very well.

    My situation is a bit different. I'm an arborist, and landscaper, and a designer, and need to consider how my site does against 3 separate facets, which from a search engine's "point of view" would be as similar as apples and oranges.

    But I do quite well. Most of my business comes from my website, having moved back to the Portland area. And I understand that one other landscape / tree business is getting upwards of 30 percent of their business from my site as well, via referral.

    A few trickle referrals go to a couple of other companies mentioned in my website. So all-in-all, I'd say my site supplies business for the equivilent of two companies worth when all the contacts are compiled together.

    Now, I got into the game relatively early.

    For anyone starting a website in a big city, be sure to focus on a clean website.

    Realize, if 100 new landscape companies all hired the best website person in their big city to design each with the best looking and best optimized website, which company will be number 1 ??

    See what I mean. The design is important to a point. But once the market is flooded with websites, an SEO person is blowing hot air farts if they start promising too much for ranking results.

    You just tweak the site the best you can, make sure it reflects exactly what you do, then promote it in various ways. You have total control over how many printed items, ads, magnets and cards you display your website address on. So no problem with hiring a good web designer or SEO person. Let them fine tune it the best they can within reason. And then let the chips fall. If you do grand - great. If the SEO ranking stuff flops - no problem, you still have a good looking site that functions well and there is still stuff you can do with it productively.

    And that's one of the least understood and discussed subjects of all.
  8. tradeyouraccounts

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    We have a currant page rank of 2. Our site has been active for 8 months and we applied some basic SEO and link exchanges.
  9. topsites

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    I am sorry but as a business owner I refuse to participate in that stupid spam-the-google search engine game,
    even if everybody else is doing it doesn't make it all right in my book.

    Because that is what it boils down to is spamming the engines, no matter how anyone looks at it
    meta tags never were intended to improve rankings, they were made solely as an organized and
    standardized method of supplying domain information to the spiders.

    Now my meta tags are just fine, and I realize that with a few tweaks I could have better ranking,
    but I just can't do it, I won't, I categorically refuse to waste my time like that, not to mention I really
    don't care to be known as an engine spammer.
  10. H2O

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    from MA
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    Team-Green L&L, Thanx for the critque. I should have clarified my point...

    NEVA paid “SQUAT” for web advertising... in Google.

    Neva paid for Google inclusion.
    Neva paid for Google “ad words” paid clicks.
    Neva paid for ANY directory inclusion.
    Neva paid for any Search Engine inclusion.
    Neva paid for onlineYellowPages, or an ad on any website.

    Proper SEO (without Spam) provides me Page 1, Top 10 in my: Town, County, State in ALL leading search engines.

    You are correct, Websites Are Advertising!
    I agree, having worked in commercial advertising since 1992, it’s the best form of advertising i’ve ever experienced... most "bang-for-buck”... if done correctly.

    “How to get Google PR” and “Where do you rank on Google” are questions often asked here in LawnSite .
    LawnSite members seem focused only on Google PR. Why?

    With proper SEO, PR will rise almost everywhere.

    I agree, “I refuse to participate in that stupid spam-the-google search engine game.”
    Spamming Google is indeed stupid. It’s a great way to LOSE PR!

    “Now my meta tags are just fine, and I realize that with a few tweaks I could have better ranking, but I just can't do it, I won't, I categorically refuse to waste my time like that”

    Tweaks are NOT a waste of time for those with LOW or NO PR.

    Spend $ on Google clicks, ads, & paid inclusion OR invest in SEO?
    Personally i find SEO is the best "bang-for-buck”.
    Thats my experince. Hopefully it may help others out.
    Good Luck!

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