Where has common sense gone???

Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by rickpilgrim, Apr 30, 2013.

  1. rickpilgrim

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    So today we are doing spring clean up(late spring here in north central wi) at 2 properties accrost from the big insurance co. I'm running our Toro groundsmaster 345 with a 20 cu ft peco bagger right over the rear hood(3" clearance) thats a 50" wide box so no rear visibility, and it has a 10hp fan motor that blows the air right out the top edge of that box @ 220 mph. For that reason we have a 110db back up alarm. With the 72" dethatcher it takes a bit of space to turn around.
    Im turning around by the intersection, light pole there means back up 3' and I move maybe 1 ft backwards and hear BANG on the aluminum box! Here it's 4 20 something women, right behind the Toro with their hair and dresses getting blown by the wind from the bagger, the bang was a purse hitting the box and 4 peaved girls screaming how I almost ran them over and when I pointed out the 3' wide by 1' tall "Stay back min 30 ft" in bright reflective red on the back of the box they left.
    Are people so ignorant about whats going on around them or is it worse than that?
  2. Toro 455

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    The courts reward stupid behavior. They'd look at your warning sticker as an admission that you were operating a dangerous piece of equipment.

    BTW I've had several of those 300 series left side discharge 72" mowers. And a Peco vac system. And a mower with that 45hp Ford commercial engine. But never all in the same package. I'll bet you collect a huge amount of clippings off of that 72" deck!

    Yeah, I agree people are stupid. I watch them getting off work at a factory I mow. Some will freeze as soon as they hit the door if I'm working anywhere on the property. Others will walk so close to the mowers' deck it scares me!

    I think instead of a warning sticker we need stickers that say NO INSURANCE!
  3. GrassGuerilla

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    Either common sense is dead and gone, or people have no sense of eminent danger. In years past I seldom had to actually ask people to get their kids a safe distance from my mowers (like go inside or leave for 10 minutes). Yesterday I had to explain to a neighbor that if I would hate to hit something in the yard and injure or kill one of her kids. At first she thought I was kidding apparently. When I asked again if they would mind giving us a little space to work she got a bit miffed (she did take the kids inside).
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  4. herler

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    They were probably texting.
    Believe me, it's far worse when they're driving.
    As for your question, it went out the window.
    A long time ago.
  5. ryno23

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    I mow a couple of sonics. It never fails that someone is gonna pull up right where I'm trimming and there's only 20 other slots open on the other side way away from me. Common sense isn't very common anymore.
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  6. JimMarshall

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    It doesn't matter what you have printed, it's still your responsibility to maintain a line of sight when backing up.
  7. WillsLandscape

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    Speaking of no common sense, I heard that some lady bought coffee from a McDonalds drive-thru, drove off with the cup held between her knees, spilled the coffee all over her legs (thus burning herself), and then sued McDonalds because the coffee was hot. And won. Ridiculous
  8. JimMarshall

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    Actually, she sued McDonalds because the coffee was 190 degrees when the industry standard is 140 degrees. They had faulty equipment that caused her to get 3rd degree burns in a matter of 2 seconds.
  9. JDGlandscape

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    Its not only a lack of common sense, its the fact that many people just dont give a Sh**. They think they are the only ones that matter and they couldnt be bothered to move or take a different route, theyd rather make you move or wait
  10. WillsLandscape

    WillsLandscape LawnSite Member
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    Hmm, didn't hear that part. But still, put the darn coffee in a cupholder!

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