Where has common sense gone???

Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by rickpilgrim, Apr 30, 2013.

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    Its still ridiculous, but when you hear the whole story it is less ridiculous.

    She was 84 years old and got burned so severely she almost died. Originally asked McDonalds for 20K to pay her medical bills, they offered $800. The jury awarded her almost 3 million.
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    If it makes you feel any better our "safety" gas cans are the result of similar lawsuits.

    And she won because their coffee is brewed at 180 degrees versus the more standard 150, and it wasn't her legs she burned but her mouth and we are talking 1st and 2nd degree burns requiring hospitalization.

    It's not just her.

    It's all over America.
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    We have raised a whole generation of kids who think the world revolves around them.
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    Incorrect. 3rd degree burns to her legs, 6% of her body. She was hospitalized over a week and required skin grafts.
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    who cares? just don't drink coffee. that stuff is gross anyways.

    i prefer mt. dew or dr. pepper for my caffeine. :laugh:
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    I worked for Mcdonalds for over 17 years and the standard serving temp was 190%. If I brew a coffee at home it is always hotter the 140%. I would not ever set a cup between my legs.
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    Yes, however there is no way to see behind the machine without getting off of it. I mentioned what happened to the customer we did clean up at today(litigation attorney ) and after looking the toro on his yard he felt that with the 110 db back up alarm and the stay back/away on the back it would be very difficult for anyone to say the were injured by our negligence around any side of this rather load red and silver mower that is almost 6 ' tall, more than 6.5 ft wide machine which he could hear in his house over his tv every time it backed up.
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    Perhaps figure out a way to mount a rear view mirror system? or even a rear facing camera.

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