Where has common sense gone???

Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by rickpilgrim, Apr 30, 2013.

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    Rick, your story is One more example of the Me generation. Regardless of how well a work area is marked or even if flag men are present people can and will push the envelope for utter disregard of anything else other than themselfs.
    easy-lift guy
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    Sorry to tell you but there are no plastic cans that are legal to transport fuel in vehicles on roads and highways. This is what you must use.

    The cops usually won't bother you driving with regular gas cans around neighborhoods (they could though) but hit the main roads and highways and you are apt to get busted.
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    every gas can i've ever used in my life was made of plastic. i use the no spill cans now.

    noone hardly uses those safety cans because they cost so much. i see hundreds of trucks on the highway every day with plastic cans.

    it's probably just one of those laws they dont' enforce like many others out there.
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    Most folks these day are living on auto pilot, little though goes into daily life. Yesterday morning I was sweeping a parking lot at 5 am ( normally I don't work Sundays) it is generally quite on a Sunday morning. I rolled ahead with my skid steer and put the whisker broom down shoulder check and a cars goes whizzing by no concern that I might not see them. I call them Zombies no brains.
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    I am a younger guy and I have have noticed that especially people my age are becoming more and more oblivious to what is going on around them. I feel it is a combination of parenting, technology, and schooling. Parents are raising kids by spoiling them, teaching them to be reliant on technology, and letting way to much off the hook. School is the exact same way. More and more classes are becoming online classes and more and more teachers/professors are not doing their job properly, and I can say this from experience because I am in college at the moment. Both school and parents in general (not all cases) have stopped teaching kids how to fix things, build things, and survive in general. They are teaching us to provide one service for an income and when something breaks pay someone else to fix it. I personally think that I myself would be better off if this was not the case and I would bet a lot of other people my age would agree.
    (In short) Yes people are lacking common sense but it is because of influencing factors.
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    in general...i stop all work when anyone is within 30 yards or so from me.

    high traffic areas i avoid - or mow at times when they are not high traffic.

    what the attorney would say to you is 'where is your common sense?....did these ninja women sneak up on you? you are guilty of negligent homicide....now give me all of your money'

    that sign of "stay back...." is a basic deterrent for those too dumb to know that it is worthless. anyone that knows this will be calling their attorney faster than you can point at the sign.

    that sign in the state of texas is really just a magnet for lawsuit leeches.
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    noone is ever fully awake and aware at 5am. it's just not possible. :laugh:
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    this is sorta forced on people these days to some extent as well. ever notice how hard it is just to do something simple like changing the oil on a newer car? many of them you need some special tool to get up in there to remove the oil filter or they make everything hard to get to and so forth. they want you to take it to get it worked on so they can make more money off of you. nevermind you just spent 20-30k on a new car they want your oil change money every 5k miles too. :laugh:

    gone are the good ol days when you could do everything yourself because it was so easy. now days you need all these specialized tools and so forth to work on a car. mowers you can still do most of the work yourself but we'll see how long that lasts.

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    Common Sense left the USA in 08-12 election sorry to tell you that.
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    No Kidding

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