Where have all the bees gone?

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by derbydon, Aug 10, 2008.

  1. derbydon

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    Hollies without berries, tomatoes with no blooms, cats and dogs living together....

    Seriously, from last year to this year it's like all the bees packed up and left the area. Hardly seen any at all. Anybody else noticing same problem?
  2. cod8825

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    KCPT the public television channel here in KC talked about it. From what they said it is like a nationwide issue. From the way that they described it in a few years we might see more price increases in terms of foods. They think some of the pesticides we are using is the culprit. Not sure though

  3. heritage

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    Same here.

    First I heard speculation that "Cell Phones" were the culprit.....Then the Active Ingrediant in Merit Insecticide.

    Honestly I think "Bees" like other insects, have "Cycles" of heavier and lighter populations.......Just makes common sense to me.

    The bees will be back....Not to worry :)

  4. bug-guy

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  5. tlg

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    The last I heard the experts were still looking into Bee colony collapse syndrome. The cell phone theory and the Imidicloprid issues were discussed but no conclusive evidence of them being the cause had been determined. The last information I got was some sort of virus from possibly Australia may be involved. A friend of mine is a bee keeper and lost all four of his hives this year. The bees are vital to our food supply, hopefully answers will be available soon.
  6. mattfromNY

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    I was wondering the same thing early on this spring- I hadn't seen any honey bees, but lots of wasps, bumble bees, carpenters and yellow jackets- but NO honey bees. Then around the first week of July I saw my first honey bee, and since then I've still only seen about a dozen or so. Definately less than most years.
  7. phasthound

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    Last year the media was all over this, this year...nada.
    The bee population is still down, no cause has been identified. It is most likely due to many factors & will take time and money to come to any conclusion.

    It's a shame that something that is as important as this has been dropped from public review. The media says the public only has a "60 second" period of concentration, and they do everything they can to reinforce this.

    I also wonder how much research funds are available for this important matter?

    Ah, don't worry, it will just give us more to go on line & complain about as food prices rise due to lack of pollination. Then the media & politicians will talk about it for a week until we get bored & go back to watching our favorite TV shows & playing computer games.

    Don't trouble us with any real problems, it's not fun. :nono:
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