Where Is California??

Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by SoloMow, Feb 19, 2005.

  1. mtdman

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    I was just pondering this myself the other night. What I came up with was the fact that there are so many amigos in CA that they pretty much cover the demand for lawn care, but not on a big business level. I'm thinking that lots of people in cali hire them as domestic workers and they just work on the grounds at each house, not a lot of lcos needed.

    Either that, or I dunno.

  2. impactlandscaping

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    I actually agree, fareway...not too many "legit" lcos due to egregious laws over there, and the illegal population...
  3. Mo Green

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    Maybe all of the California guys are on a Latin American Lawnsite. Se habla espanol? :laugh:
  4. Charles

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    The whole country will be like this soon. Just a matter of time. Lawn care, trucking will be taken over by people willing to work for peanuts
  5. rodfather

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    I always thought for it's size there was not alot of replies from CA guys...more from Oregon or Washington.
  6. bayfish

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    Not much need out there...most of the state has been paved.
  7. Henry

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    I took notice of this years ago while watching a movie, maybe karate kid or something. When a movie is based in CA you always see a guy doing some kind of landscape work and it's always like this:

    1 guy, usually latino, possibly the same one in all movies
    green or beige uniform
    late 60's, early 70's pick-up, faded but no rust

    Tools he uses:

    push mower
    12" hedge shears
    garden hose, which he brings with him (if you don't see him actually using it, it's hanging off the rack on the truck)
  8. desert rose gardening

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    Funny! Funny! For starters REL MEN don't drink LIGHT beer! Just kidding, Im a Whisky rocking roller. We do work all year out here thats why I do this kind of work. I don't post alot on here I still think typing is for girls, just kidding. There is a lot of big outfits out here that like to hire non english speaking workers. That comes in to my favor being a citizen and speaking only English. This site is pretty much useless for me. Everyone on here is from the other side of the country! You have diffderent tools, plants, Most of you guys arn't even working now?!?! It would be nice to find a Lawn care forum that is in So California. Oh well, You guys get ready Spring is a comming!
  9. randy_will

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    I'm from Central California. White male, green shirts, no uniform, 01 dodge truck. I've been an lco part time for a couple years. On target to go full time next year.

    I check in and read from time to time but don't post much. Still learning as much as possible.

    Besides the BIG guys in my area I've only seen what would appear to be two or three legit LCO's. But, there are tons of guys with late 60's, early 70's pick-up, faded but no rust...... and excellent tans.

    Finding the right customers for my business is getting better with each referral. I'll keep plugging along, reading this website, post only if I feel I have useful information to contribute and... pressing 1 for English.

  10. Grassmechanic

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    Bill Schwab from Solana Beach is a regular contibutor, although I haven't seen him post for a few days.

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