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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by jeffex, Jun 4, 2005.

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    This spring I was approached by a LCO in my area to buy his biz. I told him I'm maxed out but I would ask around. I said "whats in it for me". We agreed on a commission[5% of sale] over and above the asking price if I could find him a buyer at his price. He had been unsuccessful selling it himself and was approaching the cutting season while already working his new job. I had 4 people interested and put them in contact with the seller . 1 was very serious and moved forward to the sale. The sellers wife even called me to sell her nascar collectibles biz since they were VERY happy how quickly I put them in touch with a buyer. I told her some suggestions but no thanks thats not my game. To cut to the chase I have not seen a nickle from this guy and I tried to contact the buyer and no reply. Now granted its not like I am owed for A month of cuts and feel like a fool but I have been left messages on my phone that as soon as the check clears I'll get paid blah blah blah!!. NOW I am ready for a face to face with this guy as I have not heard what happened on the buyers side. My question is why bother even calling me if your plan was to stiff me anyway. He even called me to say there was a problem with one of the accounts being transferred to the new buyer but he would pay me as soon as he sold his truck. Sold it and called again to say he'll pay. No big surprise as I told my wife in the start of this we'll see what kind of guy he really is if we ever see a nickle. this week I'll knock on his door and get that face to face!! I'll keep you posted
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    Same old story, people are out for themselves anymore. Once they get done using you, you don't hear from them again. This goes good with the respecting your elders thread. In another generation a mans word was worth more than a contract. Now either of them are not worth much, but at least with a contract I can prove my point :D I hope that one day the ppl that did this will relize that what goes around comes around.
  3. gogetter

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    Right at this point is where I would laugh at you and walk away.

    Now, it would be different if HE ASKED YOU to ask around, but that's not what it said in your post.
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    I was thinking kind of the same thing when I saw the "whats in it for me."

    Perhaps this is some of the what comes around goes around ;)
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    Gogetter, I guess realtors shouldnt get paid for helping you sell your house either. Knowledge is money, jeffex helped sell this guys business through his contacts, seller agreed to pay him money if he found someone, he did, now he's entitled money for his part of the deal. Guess you should have gotten a written agreement, unfortunately I doubt you will ever see any money.
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    I don't need money so bad that this deal is going set me back. The day I told my wife about this I also told her we'll see if he ever pays. If I needed the money that bad I would have gotten a signed contract then. I have been very lucky in my dealings with people that sooner or later they come around to whats right. After all I wasn't taking money out of his pocket, I told the buyer who is on this site that he would be paying my fee in the price. He agreed. I think something went wrong between the two parties and they won't return my calls or messages. I sent a private message to the buyer and got 0 response. I'm sure he is busy and may not have read it. My goal in this is to find out WHAT HAPPENED? As far as laughing at me and walking away at least thats an HONEST responce!
  7. gogetter

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    You're right the seller did agree and should pay Jeffex what he owes him.

    But that wasn't the point I was making.
  8. jeffex

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    gogetter I understand your point YOU would have laughed at me and walked away. This guy didn't . He agreed to the commission as well as the buyer understood the deal. the seller DID ask me if I know anyone who wants to buy his biz . In more detail to the story, he asked me first ,then he asked me to see if I know anyone. Then when I saw him again he seemed more desperate to sell as cutting season approached and thats when $$ came into the deal for me. If I'm going to start rooting around for a buyer with my contacts I felt it was worth something . This guy was not a friend of mine . just someone I talked with who is in the mowing biz in my area asking for some help.
  9. gogetter

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    Okay, that's a bit different then, and if that's the case then you had every right to ask what was in if for you.
    Either way he did agree and you should get what's owed to you.
    Hope he comes through for ya.
  10. JimLewis

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    You've just learned a valuable lesson. Many people will tell you whatever you want to hear when they want something from you. But only those with character will actually follow through and do what they said they would do, when they don't need anything from you any longer.

    Not everyone has character.

    The bigger lesson is to make sure you're not ever one of those people. Use this as a lesson for your own life. Always follow through and do what you say you'll do - no matter what.

    We can't always control what others do. But we can control our own actions and at least make the world a better place that way.

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