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Where o where is the freakin SNOW


LawnSite Senior Member
Indianapolis Indiana here no snow in about 25 days mortgage is due broke as a joke wife is nagging I am hungry as heck lights got turned of yesterday heat today Taco bell's 7.50 an hour looking pretty good.OK just kidding about all but the wife.Anyone hear of a big one coming?


LawnSite Member
I can feel your pain. I haven't been paid yet this year for plowing. Sold a generator, canopy for my truck, two guns, and my chainsaw is in the pawnshop. Bills are piling up. But it is snowing as I type! And I'm expecting to get paid next week. So let it snow!!


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Long Lake, MN
in minnesota they are predicting a storm, i think they said sunday during the vikes game, oh well i hope it snows its butt off into monday so i dont have to miss the big game (not like we'll ever get past the playoffs) but hey the good news is chicago should get hit early mon. and it should be heavier than we get up towards the twin cities. we've starting to call our state mini-snow-da.


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hey Rcgm, I'm only an hour south of you down at Columbus, and the weather isn't any better here. We're having temps up into the lower 40's.. a little warm for January. I don't commercial snow plow, or residential, but just ours and the neighbor's , so i'm not in trouble. I say that we should either get a big bunch of snow or let it go into summer... either way you guys would get some dough since you pretty much all mow also, right? I'm just tired of this mud-every-where-i-walk stuff. We still have some snow in the back yard, about an inch at places, less at the rest, and it seems pretty stubborn, since it's been above freezing for the past week or so maybe.

Eric ELM

Husband, Father, Friend, Angel
Chicago, IL USA
I just heard that we could get several inches here Monday. Looks like it's time to get my new U edge on my plow today. :)

Slim Jim Tim, I was by your work place yesterday, but I wasn't sure where to look for you at. Let me know.


SlimJim Z71

LawnSite Senior Member

I was there, but I was actually working on limos most of the day. Our service department is so busy, it's pretty hard to find me. If it's snowing, just look for the black Z71. But chances are if it's snowing, you'll probably be out plowing as well...

Couple of inches on Monday huh? COOL! It's about time! It's been a while since we've had any snow. Although... it was kind of good in a way, at least I'm healthy enough to go out and work now.



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Phila Burbs
Philly could use more of that white stuff also. Only been out three times so far. I know, I'll unload the 10 bags of salt I left in the back of my truck. Take my extra boots & gloves back in the house. Put the snow blower, shovels & spreader in the back of the garage and maybe even wax my truck. That should do it. Let it snow!!



We just came off a spell of snow every day for 14 days, only problem was that it was a fraction of an inch per day. Just enough to make us all look foolish/incompetent. Never enough to plow, it would almost melt off, then a little drizzle more would fall. Forecast is for flurries and occasioanl light snow through next week. I'm about ready for another 4-5 inch hit and go make some money.

John Allin

LawnSite Bronze Member
Erie, PA
Today's salting makes 54 days in a row of plowing, hauling, stacking, and/or salting here in the Erie market.

Sorry guys.

110" at the lakeshore. 203" at Interstate 90 (two miles south of the lakeshore), and where all of our big customers are located.