Where on the internet can I find a Shur-Flo?

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by rvsuper, Apr 15, 2003.

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    This is for the spot sprayer up at the course that hooks to my utility cart up at the course. The pump doesnt run at all, charged the battery, checked connections, tried to clean the inside, nothing happened. I need a new one of these for my spot sprayer. Can anyone tell me where I can find Shur-Flo's on the internet? There are none of these in any of the places I have been. Thanks.

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    I buy all my Shur-Flo products from my county weed and pest they are the best priced around here.
  5. dan deutekom

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    Just about any RV store in the country stock shur-flo pumps and parts. They are usually cheaper to. These pumps are used in the water systems in trailers and campers.
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    Well I found another one in a camper at a junk yard nearby. Just to show you where it goes on my spot sprayer, I will attach a picture:

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    I wonder how many gallons it is your tank, the set up look good how do you do it.
    I’m try to build just one like, do you mid to explain me how to build one

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    The tank is a 35 gallon tank taken from a spot sprayer that mounts on a tractor, like the type people sit on and the tractor drives them up and down the field to spot spray for button weed. The frame is from an old pull behind fertilizer cart, all they did is had the tongue refabbed, and put a plywood base. Then they bolted the tank to the ply wood base, added the connections to a 1.4, 60 PSI Shur-Flo. I will get more pics in later on tonite. It's not the best looking, but hey its home-made and it works pretty well.

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