where the rubber meets the road...rmax vs 600r

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by wdn, Jun 10, 2008.

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    i saw this in person. my local dealer (sells scag, stihl AND redmax) held an open house and they had the stihl factory reps out demoing their equipment and they had the sled set up and ran all the blowers with same results. i tried explaining it but people called bs on me...
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    It's a foregone conclusion if X-brand mfg'ing does a test that X-brand is going to win, so even if it's true and even thou I do own a 600 them tests mean nothing to me. Further, I don't particularly care that Stihl would stoop so low, these types of tests are more commonly reserved for 'hype' products.
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    they didn't compair the old straw broom.... they come in at 4.99
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    Good clip.

    When I need to replace one of my older Redmax 7000s, I'll check out a BR600.

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    Good post.........
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    Exactly correct.....Echo had a big board at a local show showing all the parts in a BR600 compared to thier unit. It was quickly apparent which unit would likely have a higher failure rate. And then Echo had a big tube with a heavy ball and thier unit would drive the ball up higher in the tube than the BR600. ....
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    If this is the same video that I remember seeing a while back, the Echo can in in last place. Yet you say that the Echo reps showed their blower out-performing the Stihl.

    I'm not sure how either of these tests compare to real life, but, how are they getting such different results?

    Do you guys think that the tests are rigged?

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    Redmax has had the same blow tube here in my neck of the woods,you no what beat them all, the max blew the ball further up the tube.......

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