Where those fall clean up rigs at?????

Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by cuttin-to-the-Max, Oct 15, 2010.

  1. LR3

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    Thank you! I understand where they're coming from, if I travelled with it, it would block my view. I actually wrote a review about it before on here. I break it down removing the pipe and stack so only the loader is on front, the rest gets strapped down on the trailer. From the drivers seat you can't even see it. I use a Weber grill cover with two bungee cords to cover it while in transit to help protect it from the elements as well as kicked up stones.
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  2. LR3

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    The first pic is how I started with fall clean ups. It didn't work well for me because I could'nt tow with it on the back. The second pic is what it looks like while in transit.


  3. yardmanlee

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    where do you put the hose and discharge shoot while in transit?
  4. LR3

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    I strap them onto the trailer. In the pic with the front set up I had to unhook the trailer to get to his house. His driveway was too narrow. I'll post a pic this Monday or Tuesday of what it looks like.
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  5. mowZ06

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    Poor mans set up, actually I have only 2 accounts out of 65 that requires leaf removal, so I can not justify a big rig set up. Some nice set ups on here. Im lucky all the rest have curb/city pick up. I got 10 dumps on this load with my mower.

    and we are done in two hours with a small office building.
  6. bmoorefield

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    I just purchased an 18 hp Billygoat and tailgate mounted it to a 14' dump trailer. Has anybody had any concern with debris landing on the exhaust and causing a fire? With all the dust and misc. leaves flying around I thought that could be an issue.
  7. cuttin-to-the-Max

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    The dust and leaves falling on the Leaf loader's exhaust?
    Never had a problem with it nor do i have big leaves falling from the sky....
    I never really worry about it because theres a guard on mine....
    you'll be fine!


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    when my vac was mounted on the back i had a lot of blowout coming out the back before i perfected the box and once it started a small fire and melted part of the plastic cap for the oil. but i put it out with gatorade that was in the truck
  9. Martinson9

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    We have a very similar setup. We get blow by on the trailer and sometimes it lands on the muffler. The good part is as long as they are pretty small parts they instantly burn and you shouldn't have to worry about a fire. We probably should have a fire extinguisher just in case.

    One time I had some leaves get caught up in my Z and start on fire. I quick grabbed a back pack and blew all the debris out. Fortunately my mower didn't catch on fire and crisis was averted.
  10. godzilla

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    A fire extinguisher is a cheap purchase, and should be on the truck anyway.

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