Where those fall clean up rigs at?????

Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by cuttin-to-the-Max, Oct 15, 2010.

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    Here are two pics of our main leaf clean-up rig.
    14' PJ dump trailer (14k rated)
    6' total add. sides (4' semi permanent and 2' "leaf sides")
    20 hp Billy Goat 12" intake leaf vac
    We mostly use a slew of Echo 6/750 backpacks, tarps and rakes
    On larger properties we Little Wonders to help out but nearly always keep two tarps moving at all times.

    The Billy Goat is an older "QL" series loader which is phenomenal with dry leaves but isnt so hot with wet leaves. Had to buy it in the middle of the season last year (used, from a guy on a Sunday) due to my 16hp Giant Vac impeller cracking and failing). I bought a new 18hp Giant Vac (10" hose) for our second smaller dump trailer, but we really only use it when we run two crews for leaf work or if the leaves are wet. The Billy Goat will fill (damn near pack) the trailer in about 45 min of continuous sucking with dry leaves, where as the 16 hp Giant Vac would take nearly 2 hours. The trailer as it is set up now will hold about 26 cu yd of leaves. Average load at the dump is from 4500 to 6500lbs


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    no problem , our season came fast and hard. I missed the startup of the thread this year and then after the GIE louisville we cam back to 80% leaves dropped so it will be after christmas before all our machines are back in the shops . nothing will be cleaned up or new .
  3. J-Man

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    Looking at putting together a set up...14' dump trailer with billy goat. A few questions to you guys that already have experience with them.

    Do you guys with a 14' dump trailer bumper pull have any issues when the trailer is loaded with leaves, mulch or dirt? Would you buy a bumper pull again or goose neck? I'd prefer a bumper pull, so any of our trucks could pull it.
    We're looking into a 14' dump trailer, with 2' sides. I was going to add plywood on the front/sides/back to extend it another 4', giving 6' overall.

    The loader...I'd rather have the loader on the front of the dump trailer, as not to have to move it and it can be permanently mounted. Do you guys have a problem with the rear of the trailer getting loaded too much and the trailer becoming wobbly when you're driving down the road. Pros or cons on mounting on the front or rear...or just personal preference

    Noticed 2 different types of vac..Billy Goat and Giant Vac..what should I look for when purchasing.

    All you guys have awesome setups!

    Thank you in advance for any feedback or suggestions.
  4. robertsturf

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    First off I wouldn't pull a trailer that size with a bumper hitch. If you have a draw-tite type hitch under the bumper that would work. Mounting the loader on the front of the trailer will work best if you have enough clearance with the back of your truck. Remember you will have to turn with the trailer both forward and backing up. So measure the loader and the distance you have between your truck and trailer. Also if you leave your hose attached to the loader discharge that will give you less room. I decided to mount mine to the barn doors on our trailer to make it simpler this year. Next year I will move it to the front but mount it with the discharge pointing to the side instead of the front. Hope this helps.
  5. KPZ Enterprises

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    this is our leaf rig, 82"X12ft appalachian dumper.
  6. Cashmonysonny

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    lawn 099.jpg

    lawn 101.jpg

    lawn 104.jpg
  7. J-Man

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    Anyone using the Billygoat 25hp Subaru motor?? Feedback?? Most of our equipment has Honda motors. I've never owned a Subaru motor and looking for feedback before we invest in.
  8. 7879fordplower

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    how well do the plywood sides hold up to all that power? I have a similar loader that I need to build a box for and am worried about blowing the sides out of it, and how has it held up over the years? I don't want to rebuild it very season.
  9. blk90s13

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    I would like to know as well, I will build a box for my dump insert soon
  10. cuttin-to-the-Max

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    I Say build it good the first time!!! May take a little longer but it wil pay off in the long run! We Build ours like a House! So its held up pretty good for us. Would you believe this rig is already 5 years old?
    Use good material and nice brass screws and reenforced the corners and walls where the boards meet!

    Also If you vent your box right the walls wont explode. But with a 26hp you can really do some damage! So we have made a couple changes to ours! On the top of the trailer its all covered in wood. So our vents are on the sides as shown. But we just added a "Funny Car Style" Vent on the top of it.
    So when the loader is turned on The Flap on the top of the box goes up (by air pressure from the loader) Then when we pull off the flap goes back down.

    Found a sketch of the box before we made it.


    dump trailer sketch.jpg

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