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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by mikeklein, Mar 18, 2003.

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    Thanks to all who responded to my latest post about the Isuzu truck.I am going to go with a new 132.5" WB,which will give me close to a 13 ft bed.I only use walkbehinds so I can probably get 3 on there along with all the otherr stuff.Although I have decided to keep my Mazda 4 banger for daily stuff. I am having a couple 1000 door hangers printed up next week.I had originally planned on hitting newer subdivisions($120K-250K homes),but I noticed most people who live in these areas are young enough to do it themselves or have kids that do it.I am now thinking of focusing on older houses on regular streets.I think these would bring a better response.Any thoughts?Along with my first year in our yellow Pages,this should be a good year! Thanks---Mike
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    If i was you i would try a little bit in both area's then see what the results are. So you know what area to focus on more for the next year. Also how much did the yellow page add run?
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    All we did was change our residential phone line to a business line,that was $110. one time fee to switch it over,our base phone bill with no extras will be $58./month.I added call waiting for $8. more.Just for making it a business line,you get a listing in yellow pages and business white pages(single line listing though).I inquired about the larger 1/4 page ads,they run from about $1500.-5000. per year depending on color,text,etc.Being a solo operator for now,there is no way I could handle the volume Im sure the larger companys get from their big ads.
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    1/4 page for 1500-4000 that is cheap.
    Maybe your area is small.
    In Texas everything is big incuding the price...:)

    We advertised in the DFW area.

    Our 1/4 page ad with color was $14000 BUT it had everyone calling .... even our dog.


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