Where to begin!


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I am considering doing lights this year after landscaping slows. I have never done this before so am a little intimidated. There is no one that I know of in my area doing this and had heard you can make a pretty good buck. Where do i begin, how do I advertise, do my customers buy the lights or do i rent them, what to charge, best way to design and hang etc. etc. I would like to do this as inexpensively as possible since I am not sure of the respose I will get. any help is greatly appreciated!


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Woodstock, GA
See? This is exactly why I posted my questions the way I did...

Mowing... look for threads in the recent past... most have been started by me and I tried to title them as obvious as possible. Also research threads by David, he has given quite a bit of information.

Do a little research and then come back with any questions you may have... I like to think that I have asked just about all of them...