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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by One of Three, Jun 30, 2006.

  1. One of Three

    One of Three LawnSite Member
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    I've been meaning to ask this, but I keep forgetting. Where do you guys blow your grass clippings? I know for the most part they go back into the grass, but sometimes there are too many and it makes the yard look bad. In that case, where would they go? I can't seem to find an aesthetically pleasing place for them.

  2. Freddy_Kruger

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    I couldn't leave a yard like that around here for sure they would demand bagging. I have been mulching lately and for the most part it looks like bagging at least when its dry as it has been. If there was so much grass that it clumped all over I would bag I guess or if I had a sufficiently large ride on I would double cut certain areas.
    I wouldn't side discharge on a residential property though.
  3. Rob Dob

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    My suggestion is to blow into a pile and take a shovel, or do it by hand, and bag it. Then blow the little stuff back into the yard.
  4. jsf343

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    We edge first then do a quick blow ( at least the high dollar accounts and the ones with a lot of grass from edging) of the sidewalks and driveways back onto the grass then mow. It will suck everything back up.The ones that
    don't need that as bad I just try to suck up with a pass from the mower then blow whatever is left mostly into the street and then up against the curb for the rain to move it down the drain. There again if there is a lot against the curb I will blow it into a tiny pile and just pick it up and throw it into the truck.
  5. Runner

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    Ohh, boy.

    First thing, we don't leave ANYthing in the curb. Not a clipping, a leaf, a stick, gravel, not so much as even a pebble.
    For the one who started this thread, the idea is to keep as much on the turf as possible to begin with. Then, when you blow, you will have much less material to move, and much less to disperse. If you have some that looks heavy, you just shhake it out with the blower.
  6. One of Three

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    We did one yesterday that was really bad and it got me thinking. I mean, after we finished this guy had good foot of extra sidewalk space. We had a mound of grass, almost looked like new sod actually. We just put it all in a pile and set it next to the curb. Now there are dirt stains where it was overgrown. I think I might try to upsell a sidewalk powerwashing. I've done some, but not for customers. Do you think that is covered under a basic lawn care license? Hmm...
  7. jsf343

    jsf343 LawnSite Bronze Member
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    I am not talking about enough clippings to make a roll of sod here, lol.
    If there is a whole buttload of clippings and debris we pick it up too. If it is only a handful for a 50 foot curb then we blow it up against the curb. Yes the idea is to leave as little as possible and to work smarter not harder.
  8. topsites

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    Ohhh a lot of times if it's piling, I use the side discharge to make neat piles in the yard then just before I'm done cutting, rake + tarp and either in the woods or on the trailer. I do this bit for free so that I learn to come out a little sooner the next time lol.
  9. JJLandscapes

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    if its minimal and i mean minimal where not even a landscapers eye would notice of clippings it gets thrown onto the lawn

    if theres even a small pile that can be made it gets blown and broomed and shoveled up especially if theres leaves everytime almsot every house
  10. ranger351w

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    :nono: I don't know how your laws are but here if you get caught blowing clippings in the street the city will write you a $100.00 ticket and make you clean it up.

    Besides it looks bad.

    A.S.D.S. Mowing:drinkup:

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