Where to buy compression gauge?

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by harrywat, Jun 17, 2008.

  1. harrywat

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    The engine is a Mitsubishi diesel, L3E installed in a Toro Workman. I would like to purchase a Compression tester that will fit this and another Mitsubishi diesel engine, K3D I will soon have. I tried Auto Zone and NAPA with no results.

    Antone with a good source for me?

  2. Lawn-Sharks

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    They don carrie them or they wont fit your engine?
  3. harrywat

    harrywat LawnSite Member
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    Auto Zone said they did not have them for diesels. NAPA had a book with quite a few listed but could not determine my injector thread size. The ones in the book were for 14 and 18 MM and he said mine was close to 20.

    Thanks for your response, maybe someone can provide a source.

  4. Two Seasons

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    Can't you just buy a rubberized end, hold it tight to the injector hole, then have another person crank the engine over? It wouldn't be as accurate, but would probably get you pretty close.
  5. harrywat

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    Thanks Two Seasons. The only rubberized testers (and I have one) I've seen are for gasser's and only go to about 300 psi. A diesel gage will go to 1000 psi. If mine is a good engine, it should read about 350 psi.

  6. Breezmeister

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    SnapOn, Mac, Cornwell.........
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  7. jrsavoie

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    I bought a Mityvac diesel compression tester for my 6.5 diesels. They had the adapter for the Mitsubishi L3E's for about $8 shipped
  8. jrsavoie

    jrsavoie LawnSite Member
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    I am assuming the round holes in the precups for my mitsubishi L3E engine in the Toro are NOT supposed to be through holes.

    Looks to me like they probably somehow hold the precups. Is that right or a friend thought that the hole was supposed to be below the glow plugs and there was supposed to be access to the cylinders.


    Toro precup 001.jpg

    Toro precup 002.jpg

    Toro precup 003.jpg

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