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Discussion in 'LESCO' started by sportzkat, Apr 12, 2005.

  1. sportzkat

    sportzkat LawnSite Member
    from Va
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    I have heard good things about Lesco ZTRs but I have been unable to find out much about them. The web site leaves much to be desired. Can anyone advise me on how to get more info and where I can see/purchase them? I am in SW Virginia.

  2. davidki

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    Today I went in to Nashville and checked out the Lesco ZTR's, and like everyone says, these are the same as Cub Caddett just a different color!

    I got a brochure and it's pretty complete, so I am sure if you called one of the stores they will send one to you You can also search by Zip for the closest store.

    The prices they gave me was or a 60" ZTR with 25 HP kawasaki is $6295 + tax and with tye 72" deck and a 33 Hp Generec (SP?) is $7395.00 +tax

    The units have a 1 year parts and Labor on the mower and 2 years on the motors.. so it's not as much as the Cub! But I the cub was about $1,000 more.

    On their website you can put in your Zip and come up with the closest store, you can also put in what your looking for and they give the details on the Ztr's

    I'd love to hear more about them as welll but this is my contribution for the night.

  3. Bob West LESCO

    Bob West LESCO Sponsor
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    We'd be happy to send you a brochure, or you can find the nearest LESCO Service Center at Lesco.com. We have nine locations in Virginia. They are in:

    Here are some additional mower specs:
    * Top speed of 10.2 mph
    * Two 6.5-gallon fuel tanks
    * Single, in-line belt drive from the engine to the mower for less belt wear
    * Available w/ 19-, 23-, 25-hp Kawasaki engines, or a 33-hp Generac engine in the 72-inch deck
    * Fabricated floating deck available in 48, 54, 60 or 72 inches
    * Large front casters w/ tapered roller bearings make climbing curbs easy
    * Horizontal muffler helps the Z-Two run cool and quiet w/ full power
    * Ergonomic, three-position lap bars are adjustable and require one-third less damper force, which minimizes operator fatigue

    These are just a few of the specs -- let me know where to send a brochure or if you have any additional questions.


    Bob West
  4. sportzkat

    sportzkat LawnSite Member
    from Va
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    Thanks for the response. Sounds like an interesting mower, but the nearest dealer is 3 hours from me, so I guess that rules me out.

    Thanks again for the info, though.
  5. carb454

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    Hey sportzcat , I see your here as well as TBN ,I'm Nasty135 on TBN and just joined here for gleening info for the perfect lawn and perhaps offering assistance in some small way? :cool:

    Oh and I wouldn't give-up on the lesco mower deal if I was you. They have things standard that others only offer as options like anti-gouge rollers across the back of the deck that also act as a striper and the seat actually reclines instead of sitting straight up you can lay it back a little so it won't pound your spine like a jack hammer. These are just two of the things that I've noticed that others may charge extra for that are standard with the lesco unit :)

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