where to buy lv lighting

Discussion in 'Landscape Lighting' started by AndrewsLawnRanger, Mar 5, 2006.

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    If you're going to do the install yourself, your welcome to a copy of our professional installation manual. Or better yet, take a one-day seminar to make sure you get it right.

    Send me a personal message if you'd like the manual.
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    I would like a copy of install manual l'm fust starting out .thanks
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    several of casts fixtures alone exceed the 200 per fixture cost that gets batted around. they put a lot of know how and materials in their product. that being said, there are tons of online companies that sell decent product, along with an irrigation supllier that must be near you or at least within 50 miles from you.

    Volt is a good name out there to research, as well as copper moon and FX.

    when you bid, add up your material costs, your labor costs, and then figure out what you need to make to run a business and pay yourself for however long you work on the project. we run from anywhere 200-400 per fixture cost, depending on how much wire we use, LED or non led, how much built in expansion room in the trans and wire we install, honestly how far we have to drive and how far the fixtures are from the trans, concrete cuts, etc. all these change bids dramatically.

    the more you bid and do jobs the closer you will get to understanding time and materials to do a job. but until then I would not go below 200 per fixture and a minimum of 6 fixtures.
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    I think David was up too late last night ..................responding to a thread from 2006.
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    egads, you are correct. someone had floated it to the top and I did not look at the dates. as far as cast pricing- I am going by the "discounted" prices off casts own website. many exceed $200, I believe I saw a fixture exceed $300 and again, that was quoted after the discount. true wholesale to contractors however, may be another ballgame.
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    Just in the process of adding lighting to my irrigation could use manual for lighting
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    I found a website where the LV waterproof wire connectors are half the price I was paying from Ewing. www.watersaverpros.com
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    Check out Voltlighting.com

    I think you will find the pricing is very reasonable. The fixtures are all great quality imo.

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