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Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by colnc, Jan 22, 2008.

  1. colnc

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    Hey I am new to the forums around here, I don't know if this is the best spot to ask this. If not please direct me to the proper place.
    I need to replace a engine on a walkbehind, it is a Kawasaki 15hp. Where can I find a good deal on a new or rebuilt one?
  2. LawnTamer

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    I have had very good luck with these guys. They have supplied me with several motors, shipped straight from the manufacturer.
    Here is a link to what I believe is your motor. There are several 15 HP Kawasaki models, so make sure the #s match up. If you can't find the exact right #, call them and they can crosscheck for you.

    $900, Kohler would be cheaper, but they aren't as good.

    Stay away from Small Engine Warehouse, (formerly Roy Padget sales) They sell old used junk and try to pretend they are new motors that just never got sold. I bought a 12.5 Kohler from them, it was supposed to be new, but was 18 yrs old and had substantial wear, was broken, and literally just tossed in an old box for shipping. When I called to demand a return and refund, they acted like I was being unreasonable. Here's a quote, straight from Roy himself. "Well, a motor could be 30 yrs old and still be brand new.":hammerhead::hammerhead:
  3. David Thompson

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    I have bought from tulsaenginewarehouse.com also and have had good results and prices. My first purchase from them was a 20 horse courage series kohler I got off of ebay from them as a dented box sale. it was packaged so well that the dent didnt even come close to anything important and the motor purrs like a kitten , its now living on a big walk behind mower. I did have to fabricate a muffler pipe for it as that motor is used mainly on big tractor type mowers with muffler under the motor.
  4. colnc

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    Thank you for your responses I will look into these sellers.
  5. topsites

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    First off Kohler apparently stopped making the 15hp engines, not sure about Kawasaki but they are becoming rare.

    As for prices I would never pay 900 for one, I just bought a 10hp Intek Pro B&S for 390,
    here's some Kohler prices:
    CV16-43513-SD 16hp Vertical 1" x 3 5/32" Shaft, Command, Oil Filter, Electric Start, 15 Amp Alt $475.00
    CV460S-26516 16 HP Command Vertical 1" Shaft, Fuel Pump, 15 Amp Alternator, Oil Filter $525.00
    CV460S-26516-T 16 HP Command, Vertical 1" Shaft, Recoil Start, 15 Amp Alternator, Oil Filter $590.00
    CV490S-27503 17 HP Command Vertical 1" Shaft, Fuel Pump, Muffler, 15 Amp Alternator, Adjustable Oil Filter $575.00
    CV492S-27506 17 HP Vertical 1" x 3 5/32" Shaft, Oil Filter, Electric Start, 15 Amp Alt $500.00
    CV492S-27516 17 HP Command, Vertical 1"x3-5/32" Keyed Shaft, OHV, Electric Start, 15 amp $525.00
    CV491S-27509 17.5 HP Command Vertical 1" shaft OHV Electric Start, 15 amp, has fuel pump $550.00

    Kawasakis cost a lot more, I don't think they're that much better.
    However, it is worth checking into their shortblocks, I seen that for 3-400 vs. 1000...
    Kohler otoh is cheaper for the whole engine.

    Two places I would check, in this order:
    Small Engine Warehouse's Ebay Store (cheaper but not as organized):

    And their main location (more standard pricing but nicer to find the right one):

    However you will have to search and make sure you're getting the right engine.
    You'll need model number and certain specs such as shaft size, what I've done before is found the RIGHT engine at their main location, then went to their Ebay store to see if they had the same one for less (sometimes they do).

    And you can look long and hard, but you will not find cheaper.
  6. topsites

    topsites LawnSite Fanatic
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    I did want to add some Kawasaki shortblock prices but it cut me off, and if you don't mind tearing old apart to make new out of...

    FD501V-AM128516 14-16hp Vertical 1" Shaft, Twin, OHV, Water Cooled, used by John Deere, SHORT BLOCK ONLY $495.00
    FH500V-AM131439 15-17 HP Vertical 1"x3-5/32" Shaft, Twin Cylinder, OHV, Used by John Deere, SHORT BLOCK ONLY $350.00
    FH531V-AM130738 18 HP Vertical 1" Shaft, Twin Cylinder, OHV, fits FH531V-AS05 on John Deere, SHORT BLOCK ONLY $475.00

    Never pay more than 4-5-600 for an engine, maybe 7 but anymore is just outrageous!
    You will not find cheaper, trust me, I've tried :laugh:

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