Where to dump gress this year in central NJ

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    As I'm sure it's happening all over, more and more dumps are not accepting grass clippings this year. I have 3 dumps in my local area and the only one that was taking grass just baned it. My second problem is, I (no matter how hard I try to talk them out of it)have more customers requesting their grass to be removed. So......My question is, does anybody have any ideas on discarding grass legally in central NJ :blob2:
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    If it is a necessity that you must bag the grass, then you might want to consider finding a local farmer that will accept the clippings. It makes good compost.
    That's what we did the first year we were in business. Found a farmer that was more than happy to take as much grass as we could give him. Now we rarely bag any grass. It's so much nicer now.

    Now if we have any debris such as hedge trimmings, we found a local guy a few minutes from our home that lets us dump on his vacant property.

    You have to ask around to find a good place to dump.

    Good luck, I know it can be tough to find a good place.
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    You can try Natures Choice in the Rutherford area. They had satellite transfer stations set up in northern NJ last year (and possible down south too) and the 2 that were near me closed before the end of the summer without warning because of complaints from the smell. I don't get that because they were removing all of the days take at the end of each day....but nevertheless it presented a huge problem. Farms are very few and far between (nonexistant actually) in my area since everything is developed. The other choices I had were a regular waste tranfer station (1 stopped accepting and the other wants $20+ per yard !) or drive over 30 minutes each way crossing into NY state where I am told the Troopers check the trucks pretty well.
    One of the other members here looked into having an on-site dumpster that is emptied every 7 days and the price was reasonable (for this area anyway). This seems to be the biggest problem that is alays changing without notice.

    If anybody has any info on NJ please post.

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    i think you're going to have to send out some of this info to your customers about how the dump will not take any grass.up here in middlesex county each township is different,some take it if i put it out in a plastic bag,another takes it if you have it in a trash can marked grass.i've been trying to mulch/side discharge most of my accounts.i thought of getting a mulching deck for my walker this year either that or i'll block off the ghs intake.there is a place called bunyan materials or something like that over in old bridge that will take grass/debris,but that's too far of a ride for you.these recycling placs have been doing a good biz around here since a lot of guys collect the clippings.
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    jeffry beat me to what i was gonna say, but i agree, either natures choice or the county transfer station. Your best bett though is to talk all of your customers out of bagging all together. I don't bag any lawns, it's just to much of a hassel trying to get rid of grass, having it on the truck, messing with baggers, i tell everyone that requests it to let us do the lawn without bagging it once to see how it looks, they usually cannot tell the difference and if they still want it bagged it's double the price or i just drop them. I think alot of people want there lawns bagged becouse when they cut it with thier 21" or riding tractor thier machines leave clumps and crap all over but if we can prove to them that our machines don't leave that kind of finish you can usually convert them, even if you have to double cut it's still easier than bagging. Thats just the way some people where brought up thinking and you just have to prove to them that it's not the best way
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    I feel sorry for you guys in NJ. Around here there is 4 places to go to get rid of grass, leaves and brush. They are all places that compost it and mix it in with loam sell it. If composting is done right there is no big smell. All the brush is chipped and sold to mills were they burn it for heat or paper mills.
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    I don't really take grass away any more. But I think a friend of mine goes to Conrad Smith Nursery in Tinton falls. I think he grinds up everything into mulch. There is a fee per truck load. I agree with you its tough in Jersey. I remember when the towns used to make us bag all the leaves or get fined. That didn't last too long. I used to do about 60 lawns in Deal. What a pain. You can't put anything on the road there. I do just 2 there now.

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    My Biggest concern now is having grass to cut.. With this drought.... may not have any clippings to dispose of ...

    BUt if we do...... ORI in NY is the only solution at this time for us northerners..... or not taking clippings at all.... I was thinking of getting those recyclable bags to put the clippings in and leave at customers sites ?? dont know how well that would go over , but it may be an option.. ??? Donno ???

    Like Jeffyr said there are no farms up here... anymore.... Over developed.. dont' get it.. there are so many abandoned buildings and houses, yet they keep building more ????

    I have to check with the NJLCA and see what they say on this topic...
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    if possible make ur own compost pile/bin
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    Well, 'round here, southern Indiana.....
    There's many people who have a veggy garden and would gladly take leaves and grass clips for mulch and compost. We ourselves have a 1/10th acre garden that we put this stuff into and till it under spring and fall. Usually I'll till it a couple three times in fall as the leaves go on, to keep them from getting too thick, so the tiller actually gets into soil instead of just turning the leaves. This spreads them out and keeps them from blowing off, too. In our county there's a place where the county takes the stuff they pick up at curbs in town and they have a place with a special machine to make it into compost and then people can take their truck or trailer and get free mulch, the finished project, from another pile of already done stuff. I suppose a LCO could take loads there to dump as well I don't know. I doubt they'd charge anything either. The mulch you get there is free and on Tuesdays they will load it for free too. Couldn't get better :D If property's have curb pickup, do you take advantage? Also, alot of rural properties have a wooded area or a pasture type area that's overgrown, just somewhere that isn't normally cut, where they'd let you dump. And the farmers most likely will let you too. Not sure how big of a deal this is, but some may not like grass and leaves from a dozen different lawns in their fields as it might introduce new weeds or something. But the farmers I know of wouldn't care, they'd like it :cool:
    I've never been to NJ, but if it's anything like here, there's oppurtunity in the air:)
    Eric :blob4:

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