Where to dump leaves, clippings, weeds etc

Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by vicsgarden, Jul 18, 2011.

  1. vicsgarden

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    So this is my first season as a full time professional gardener. I started out just offering bed maintenance and enhancements but of course I quickly realized that once you start gardening for someone there's always 'additional' stuff that they want you to do. Shrub moving, removing, mulching, edging!

    Luckily for most of my clients I haul away weeds clippings etc into a compost pile in the yard but there was ONE client that wanted me to haul the stuff away. It was only a small amount thank goodness - so I bagged it up and took it home!

    So my question is - WHERE do you haul it away to? I travel all around working in different townships which all seem to have different 'rules' concerning yard waste.

    What about leaves? I'm thinking I'll be asked to do some fall clean up and might be asked to haul those away too...

    I only have a small vehicle so transporting it loose is not an option ...unless I buy a small trailer.

    Also do you charge extra for hauling away?

  2. Smallaxe

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    You really don't want to do any fall cleanup without access to a pickup truck and a place to make a compost pile of your own... There is likely a recycling center that one can haul yard waste to but that is a hassle...
  3. vicsgarden

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    Thanks Smallaxe,

    Appreciate the info.

    So is that what everyone does? - put it loose into a pick up truck & take it to their own compost pile?

    Does anybody bag? And if so where do you dump the bags?
    Does anyone dump it anywhere other than their own compost pile?
  4. Swampy

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    I have a farmer that takes all my clippings, brush, and branches. Aslong as the clippings and branches are seperate. He uses the clippings for compost in his fields, and grinds the branches to sell mulch when nothing is going on. He takes everything from me for free, can't beat that deal.
  5. wild willy

    wild willy LawnSite Member
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    I could only be so lucky to have access to private land to dump all my stuff so I pay $75 a ton to the dump/transfer station
  6. jlcrox2

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    I would check with a mulch yard. A lot of times they will take the waste and reuse it in compost or mulch.We are fortunate to have one close who usually only charges 10 or 15 dollers for a full trailer.
  7. JB1

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    we have lots of sinkholes around that works good.
  8. wild willy

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    yes either the dump or I take the tailgate off the trailer and hit the country roads at 100 kph(that's kilometers per hour).when I get home no leaves....composting naturally lol
  9. JDiepstra

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    Call your garbage company and find out where they dump their yard waste trucks.
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  10. SMSnyder

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    Do some Google searches..... http://www.proprecycles.org/Compost Directory.html this might help you. In the NW we have a few composters..Pacific Topsoils and Cedar grove. That's where the garbage companies dump the yardwaste like JDiepstra suggested. Shouldn't be more than a few bucks a ton.

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