Where to find a good used splitter

David C.

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I don't-----nor am I remotely thinking about backin' into the firewood selling business-----but---do burn firewood in my buckstove on the farm

Currently I am splitting 2 cords per year by hand----and am in dire need of a used splitter

Here's the dilemma

I can't find one

Not on craigslist

Not in the local paper

Not in the local penny ads

No used ones for sale

Home Cheapo sells um everyday---but I don't want to pay their price

When I do find one on craigslist that comes with a pic----its usually one that looks like its been run over by a Log Skidder----and the seller wants just as much for the twisted up pile of junk as Cheapo would want for it brand spankin' new!!

Any suggestions as to where I might find a good used one??


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