Where to find a Mower graveyard/junkyard

Discussion in 'Florida Lawn Care Forum' started by rob7233, Aug 4, 2012.

  1. rob7233

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    Anyone know where all the mowers go, that blow up or are sunk in retention ponds etc. and the insurance company totals it? Anywhere near Central FL (Orlando)?? I know there has to be a market for used parts but have never heard of anyplace where I could pick especially ExMark or Hustler.

    Besides any dealers that so happened to have the extra space for trashed mowers but those are generally not opened to the public. Does anyone know of a mower junkyard or graveyard?
  2. jvanvliet

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    Give Able a call in Lantana, Palm Beach.
  3. williams lcm

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    If you are willing to drive alittle. There is one out past the Villages . It is located in Bellview Florida. I was their 2 weeks ago. She has everything. I have seen about 30 John Deere gators, power washers, atv's, kawaski mules, rider mowers,large tractors, 100 or so commerical mowers (all kinds). My father could not believe what she had . She sells complete used mowers to any part you will need. She has old dirt bikes, golf carts...the list go on. I will have to find her number if you are interested. Just let me know
  4. South Florida Lawns

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    My shops starting to look like a junkyard.
  5. rob7233

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    Yeah, loved to have the number and address. I would plan the visit since Mom lives in Lake county anyway.
  6. Haha...u still have ur stander? How many hours? Any issues?
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  7. williams lcm

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    Linda's Lawn Mower Repair(352) 207-7602 9100 South Hwy 441 Ocala FL 34480. It is in Bellview Florida but has Ocala address.

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