Where to find a Trugreen truck???

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by hobbsd, Mar 17, 2008.

  1. hobbsd

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    from west wi
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    I am looking for a trugreen chemlawn style truck.....

    Anyone know where to find the Isuzu style ones that they had??

    I've looked all over the web, most people say it is an inside connection. Does anyone have this inside connection????

    Please let em know where to look.

  2. Ric

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    A used truck dealer in Ft Lauderdale has used TG trucks for sale. However they have been stripped and even the tanks have been drilled so not to hold water. I Have a Used TG truck that I use and like it very much. I have repumbed it to my needs.

    One thing I will tell you about Isuzu NPR, older ones can be very expensive to have work done. I am looking at a $ 1500 brake job right now.
  3. gregory

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    give me a call ric i can save you some money...
  4. ICT Bill

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    I know rittenhouse builds all of the ones for the weedman franchise
    Sherrill Tree builds a bunch, I think they have delivered 30 this month, of rigs for arborists and the organic lawn guys
    Not much help
  5. P.Services

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  6. boats47

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    try Supreme truck bodies, then you customize your own truck. You do not want those tru-green/chemlawn trucks, they were found to have serious crack problems in the bodies. I bought a 2007 Isuzu with custom rear body, alot cheaper then Sherril tree. Sherril tree wanted over $100, 000 for a spray truck, combined to do tree apps as well.

  7. Real Green

    Real Green LawnSite Senior Member
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    The company that builds TruGreen ChemLawn trucks also builds the Scotts trucks as well. They have an exclusive contract and cannot build for any other company. If you are interested in a truck similar, you should contact Really Inovations. The website is: http://www.reallyinnovations.com They will build it to your specifications and are one of the best companies to work with in this regard. Hope this helps.
  8. hobbsd

    hobbsd LawnSite Senior Member
    from west wi
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    What are the pros and cons of just using full size vans for fert and spray???
  9. PHS

    PHS LawnSite Senior Member
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    I have used several different trucks designed and built by Minnesota-Wanner. They were simple, well thought out, and bulletproof. Designed to run all day, everyday, for years. Some of the more complicated rigs that are out there I would to look over them very carefully before buying. The extra gadetry can mean more potential for problems.
  10. boats47

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    I like the design of the box truck that we have, only because of the space. I have a 200 gal mounted up foward, tons of interior shelf space, and enough room for two palletts of fert. Everything is under cover from the elements. There are also on the diver side cabinets the whole length all lockable. I will get some pics when I go back to work April 1st.

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