WHere to find all u need to know about GOLF COURSES

Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by clyde, Jul 10, 2004.

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    Hey Guys this relates to another post had .... 9hole courses

    i wrote golf magazine and the lady sent this reply
    Just type in NGF into google and it should come up
    but go to products and find the literature that they sale they have statistics and everything u need to know.

    Dear Clyde,
    The National Golf Foundation may keep those types of statistics. You can call them at (561) 744-6006 or visit their website ngf.org.
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    I own and operate a nine hole facility. I use to lease and operate an 18 hole bent grass course. I have been in the industry my entire life, now 36 years old. National Golf Foundation will mislead you tremendously.
    The cost to build averages 1 million dollars per nine. There is a lot of competition and the industry has been down for the last 4-5 years. Irrigation alone will run you a quarter million.
    If you can find a bank that will loan you, they'll probably need 30-40% down. That will leave 6-700 grand in debt or 60-70 grand per year in payments. Operating costs excluding debt will run 75-120 grand per year so you're looking at 135k to 190k per year you would need just to stay afloat.
    Equipment to start up could push 100k easily.

    If you live in the midwest, there are six good months of business that you can halfway count on. 30k per month is a heck of a lot of business and that will get you 180k, then maybe you'll do another 10k over the cold months...that would be an exceptional year. And there is no money left for you personally.
    Depending on the average price for nine with a cart, that translates into 50-60 player per day average.

    To averge that number, you have to have days with over a hundred players to make up for rain etc.

    Well...good luck.

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