where to find the stuff?!

Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by HicksGroundMgt, Jan 18, 2004.

  1. anyone know where i could find some of the "I can't believe its not Licorice root" mulch? or something like it, maybe recycled tire shreddings. customer wants black mulch this year. i've tried to talk her out of it but she won't let me. i'm in the tidewater area of virginia. any help would be great.
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    Rubberific Mulch is what you want (Recycled tire shreds) Looks like the cypress wood mulch great stuff I know the dealer here in Omaha. I use it quit a bit.
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    Be careful pulling weeds in that crap. The steel belts in the old tire are little wires that will poke you.
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    The company I deal with here say they take out 95% of all metal
    I use it on my property and a couple customers
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    Here's the manufacturer info for this mulch (ICBIN):

    Jerry Banfe
    (856)216-7770 ext 16
    888-USA-SOIL ext. 16

    I believe he manufactures it in Western PA somewhere. His HQ is in Barrington NJ, right around the corner from my shop

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