Where to get a EZ Gate lift???

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by FatherandSon, May 11, 2003.

  1. FatherandSon

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    Have been trying to purchase a EZ Gate Lift. Getting older I guess (56) and that trailer gate sure is heavy by the end of the day.

    E mailed the company as to where to purchase and have heard nothing. Can someone tell me where I could purchase one and if you like them.

  2. nelbuts

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    Make your own. For about $35.00 you can make your own. I never use them as I don't feel that most gates are too heavy. However, guys down here make their own with a couple of pullies, garage spring, and cable. Also, there is one way I believe is better using a leaf spring.
  3. DLCS

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  4. zukofsu

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    I ordered two of these through my local distributor and could not be more happy. I am using these on a 16 X 6'10" trailer with a solid gate that weighs about 200lbs.

    I have seen many threads on here if you do a search on "homemade" devices that are similar. Though for my time, 340 shipped was a more economical alternative.
  5. HarryD

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  6. mowerconsultant

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    They are a sponsor of Lawnsite, and you can buy there product right here on LS at the LS store.
    Here is the link.

  7. Doogiegh

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    Goto the thread Harry D references. That's a couple of great examples of gate lifters.

  8. edward hedrick

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    I used the ad for EZ gate as the pattern. I used a piece of Electrical tube to hold spring. a length of cable. I used elec

    beam clamps and conduit hangers to fasten to trailer cost $40

    + your time. or 150 to Ballard EZgate. Ed
  9. edrenckh

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    Here is how I built mine. One side is all I needed. Gate stays down or in-between if I stop it. Spring inside the tube is a must or else someone will get pinched (OUCH!)

    Basically this
    1-140 lb garage spring w/ safety cable
    3 eye bolts, I used Stainless ones. You need lock washers too.
    2 - 1.5" pulleys, bought at the fleet farm store. They have a base to mount it with four screws.
    7' of 2" PVC, the white stuff.
    3-12” Stainless hose clamps

    Put the pulleys at the top of end of the rail, next to the gate. Mine are 4" or so apart, but doing it again, as close as possible. Attach an eye-bolt to trailer gate, 6" or so above where the rail is. The cable should point up when ramp is closed.

    Measure the distance the spring must stretch for the gate to go down, add the length of the spring. Measure the diagonal imaginary cable. Mine was 4' + 2'.

    Now add an extra foot or so and attach eye-bolt to rail. This is the anchor for the spring. This eye-bolt is ~7.5' from the ramp.

    If the spring is going to be 6.5' or so stretched, cut 7' of PVC. Put an eye-bolt at the end of the PVC. Now you have two eye-bolts on the rail at each end of the PVC. The main cable runs under the first pulley and on top of the second pulley.

    Spring is enclosed in the PVC. Safety cable runs between eye-bolts on the rail, through the spring. Main cable attaches to end of spring and eye-bolt on ramp. Use small cable clamps to secure the cable to the eye-bolt. I used two for safety.

    Attach the PVC pipe to your rail with hose clamps.

    Pretty simple, especially if you see it. No pics though, no digital cam.
  10. FatherandSon

    FatherandSon LawnSite Member
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    I would like to thank both of you for your help in locating the gate lift. As always this site is great with great people always willing to help.

    Don Montross Sr

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