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Where to get a good deal on T-shirts??

Birddog Lawncare

LawnSite Member
First year and want to look respectable, does anyone know where you can get a good deal on t-shirts. Just looking for a basic setup - name and logo on back.


LawnSite Gold Member
Birddog, Call witness designs at 918-583-6199 and tell them Lawn-Tek sent you.

They are doing mine right now. 12 100% heavyweight T's and 4 matching sweatshirts for $218.50 shipped. This includes logo on left breast and logo/# on full back. My logo is 2 colors with a half tone. I'm guessing you will save about $4 per shirt if you are only having one side done.

They are also screen printing 50 18x24 lawns signs on both sides for $280 shipped.