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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by farmboy1285, Dec 10, 2007.

  1. farmboy1285

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    Want to buy some Gator Blades for my new Dane Sufer and just wanted to know if there was a place where you guys get good quality gator blades for a decent price. Talked to my dealer and they wanted like $60 for a set seemed a little much but I have never bought a new set of Blades. Also does it really make that much difference how wide the blade is or how tall the fins on the back are. Any help would be awesome.
  2. Texas Mower Parts

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  3. grasskicker71

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    I ran the scag gator blades.They cost me like $38 tax and all.That was from a scag/toro dealer just check around.Depending on what size deck you have you may be able to run bunton and bobcat also...and check those oregon blades to..
  4. Texas Mower Parts

    Texas Mower Parts LawnSite Senior Member
    from Texas
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    Measure your blades from tip to tip ( \ ) and the center hole. Being a Great Dane I'm pretty sure it will be the same as one of the Scags.
  5. bohiaa

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    The only thing I hate about you guys is that your in Texas....

    I have to pay taxes :cry:
  6. newz7151

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    What are you talking about? You have to pay taxes no matter where you buy stuff from.
  7. Skyking

    Skyking LawnSite Member
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    Hey do you have the new 6 sided belt Gravely is using on the XZD?
  8. Texas Mower Parts

    Texas Mower Parts LawnSite Senior Member
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    It is not available in aftermarket. However, we are a Gravely dealer and I could drop ship you a OEM belt straight to you. What is the model number?
  9. Skyking

    Skyking LawnSite Member
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    It is a 144 XZD I will have to get the model # I do not need one right now but I will be in touch with you in a few weeks, what is the ball park price?
  10. HydroGearHead

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    Spend the money and get them from your DEALER!!!! Even if they cost more. Thats the same as your customer beating you down on price or putting out for bid a leaf clean up!!! So it costs you what a few dollars more. My dealer is the same for a set of blades about $56.00 but his shop also OPENS EVERYDAY AT 4 AM YA 4 AM!!!! so when I have a mower down because I always buy from him I get fixed RIGHT AWAY!!! so the extra few bucks is worth it to me It pays to have a dealer that will take care of you even if you spend a few more here and there on parts!!! just my 2 cents

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