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Discussion in 'Hardscaping' started by neversatisfiedj, Sep 15, 2005.

  1. neversatisfiedj

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    from excavation. Its the worst part of the job./ I am getting tired of paying 55.00 a ton to get rid of good dirt. Where do you guys get rid of fill ?
  2. Squizzy246B

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    Its a matter of networking with other operators. There is always somebody who needs some fill and somebody who needs some removed....but mostly at different times :cry: so when you solve the problem let me know :rolleyes:
  3. stumper1620

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    If its clean fill, check with all your local landscape suppliers incl. the ones that cater to DIYs, heck, seems to me most would be willing to hold free fill to sell cheap or give to customers that are good future prospects for business. or maybe they would post a signup sheet for delivery of fill as it becomes availible.then all you need to do is match a need to a load.
  4. mbella

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    $55.00 a ton? That can add up fast. I deal with this is a few ways.

    1. Look for ways to enhance the property where you are working with the soil. This is my favorite. I don't have to haul it and it usually ends with a nice add on.

    2. Rent a dumpster. This is my second favorite, although not always convenient from a logistical standpoint. We haven't needed one in a while, but last time I checked, I think we were paying $350.00 for a fully loaded 20 yarder. That's a flat fee if it's clean dirt.

    3. Find people that want it. Locally, there is another landscaper that is always looking for fill. Also, there is an excavating contractor that has a screen, so he'll take it too. The downside is you have to deal with the hauling.

    You have to be resourceful. If we are working in a new area and I can't get rid of the fill on site and can't get a dumpster, I'll drive around like a mad person and stop at every contractor's shop, farm, etc. until I find something. I wouldn't pay $55.00 a ton.
  5. Itsgottobegreen

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    Get a dump truck. Haul it yourself and still charge the customer $55 a ton. You will make a killing. Then haul it to the local landscape supply yard.

    My supplier was like you can borrow my Mack 10 wheeler dump and driver if you want to. When I told him about a job that we might have to remove 150 yards of fill dirt. Then he asked if my skid loader would load it, which it won't. So he said I also can borrow his JD 280 skid loader. He will take fill dirt for free if he hauls it. Pay you if you haul in a large amount of it.
  6. DVS Hardscaper

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    Many land owners are looking for fill dirt. I need about another 50 cu yds for my own property!

    Swimming pool companies usually know where to dispose of it.

    You just gotta keep your eyes peeled for signs/ads that say "Fill Dirt" or "Clean Fill" Wanted.

    Aso, there are web sites where people list sites that accept fill.
  7. motoraced

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    on contract..."all excavation material remains on site unless otherwise noted."
    otherwise note...."pay me to remove it."
  8. mbella

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    At what point of the sales process do you address the issue of the excavated material?
  9. mbella

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  10. Green-Pro

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    Around here clean fill dirt is an easy sell, fetches a good price and seems to be hard to find when needed. I find any way possible to bring it to my shop site and store with the rest of outside materials, within reason of course. Charge for hauling off is at best a minimum to cover fuel expenses related to hauling, as the fill brings in more dang money than any disposal fee would bring.

    Mike's idea of using it on existing prop. is a good one also, especially as an add on.


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