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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by CRM Lawncare, Jun 23, 2004.

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    I am almost at my whits end. I posted a few weeks back that I am very part-time due to my FT work schedule (trying to change this). I had 10 properties to maintain and lost 5 i one week (weird circumstances, not quality/price related). I have blitzed with flyers, classified ads and business cards the last few weeks with zero results. I know this is a hard time to pickup work but geez. I don't know whether to continue spending my cash to advertise now or save my money and hitting hard for next years commercial contracts in Oct - Nov and residentials next spring.

    Before I get blasted I am not some yokel. I have full color flyers, business cards, insurance, pest. license etc... I wanted to start my business the right way and have all the necessaties before rather than after. I need some advice from the experienced on where to go from here.


  2. Mark McC

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    It is a tough time right now, but if you put up flyers in neighborhoods where you already have traffic, you might drum up some accounts without adding to your drive time. Plus they already know your work.
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    CRM, I just picked up 2 new customers in the last two days via referral. Ask your customers if they know anyone that could use your service. Are you just residential or do you have some commercial? I found that commercial accounts are much easier to get then residential around here, don't know why but you'd think it would be the opposite. Ask for referrals and give a % of discount. Good luck!

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    Not sure if this will help or not, but there is a lot of hedge trimming work out there right now. People that maintain their own lawn but don't want to deal with the hedge trimming and the mess of the cleanup of the beds are in need of some work.
    Personally I think it's a difficult time of year to try to be picking up new lawn accounts. Maybe advertise in your local newspaper for hedge trimming and bed work for now.
  5. Carolina Cutter

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    Let people know what you do on your off time. I work for the FD and yesterday we were doing some survey work at a commercial establishment that I happen to have as an account anyway. Went into one of the business....talked FD shop and also mentioned that I was the guy that maintained the commercial acct. Looking at 2 new accounts now.....I really like how that worked out.

    If people don't know, people don't call. Introduce yourself to people everywhere you go and mention what you do. If they are interested you will know right away.
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    do good work, im sure you do, and you will get refered like crazy. like i have said before, i started with 6 accounts, and now i have 40, most are do to referals by customers. i have one customer who has got me about 10 accounts by telling her freinds and then neighbors seeing me and hireing me :)

    referals are awsome. dont spend big bucks on advertising. just do flyers and business cards. sense its summer and i have a little more time, when ever im cutting at a house(s) i have my employyee hand out flyers on everyones door on the block, it only takes about 15min, and by the time hes done, im done cutting 3 lawns, so he can trim, and i can edge and then blow and were on our merry way. most of my accounts are 3 in a row on same street, but i have about 8-10 that are sepperated. but my average is 3 houses in a row or same block.

    like i said, do good work, and you'll get more work then you anticipated!

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