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where to mailoreder trimmers

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by bdemir, Feb 1, 2000.

  1. bdemir

    bdemir LawnSite Senior Member
    Messages: 610

    Im getting ready for sprong and i need to order a trimmer and a blower. I had all the info bookmarked but i lost it when a virus hit me. Im just need a place with a website that sells trimmers and blowers for a good price. <br>Thanks
  2. MWHC

    MWHC LawnSite Member
    from Wyoming
    Messages: 213

    Take a look at ALAMIA.COM or LANDSCAPERSUPPLY.COM Both places sell commercial equipment (Trimmers & blowers too). I personally like the service better at ALAMIA.COM. I have been real impressed with AlAMIA.COM. They respond quickly to my emails and get the orders out to me in a hurry.
  3. SLSNursery

    SLSNursery LawnSite Senior Member
    Messages: 442

    Not that I want to antagonize, but are you going to get that equipment repaired by mail order too? I find that even for a small premium its worth buying stuff from a reputable repair shop. Because we buy stuff locally, when anything breaks down we can usually get first in line for repairs (which are inevitable). Anyway, good luck with the purchases, just make sure you compare prices with a local shop apples to apples.<p>----------<br>Phil Grande - Soundview Landscape Supply - http://members.aol.com/slsnursery<br>Ivy League Landscaping - http://members.aol.com/scagrider
  4. Keith

    Keith LawnSite Gold Member
    Messages: 3,979

    Phil, good points you made. I would probably not consider buying big ticket items from mail order. But, I have had very bad experiences with local (and not-so local) dealers as well. These dealers have a problem with service as well. If you don't purchase 20 Stihl backpacks or 5 Dixie Choppers at one time, your repairs will be put on the back burner, you are just a number, get in line. I would have no problem paying a few extra dollars for equipment if it meant first class service, but this is reserved for their best customers. I go in some of these places and they don't even act like they know who you are, even if you have purchased $10,000 in equipment from them in the last few years. I just can't reward treatment like that with continued business. Even some of the smaller dealers have problems. For example (one example, there are more), one dealer I have dealt with for about 8 years found out I was dealing with others for equipment he doesn't handle. He now treats me like someone who just walked in his store for the first time. I don't like playing these games, if you don't appreciate the business, I will go elsewhere.<p>I wouldn't hesitate to deal with businesses, that maybe cut you just a little slack on prices, but some of these guys are charging more than list.<br>
  5. MWHC

    MWHC LawnSite Member
    from Wyoming
    Messages: 213

    Phil has a good point but so does Keith; Our dealers must get the same price lists keith. The dealers where I live are about $1000.00 dollars higher on walk-behinds than prices I get online. I am not comparing apples to oranges either. I get model numbers and ask for prices with exact specs. As for service, it depends on the dealer, but the one I deal with (our only one) has a habbit of pissing me off. <p>Just to poor salt into the wound, our dealer will bring down a Rep from TORO to show the TORO products. He wants to sell the big ticket items so bad he lies or he doesn't know his product line. When I give them a chance to compete with the prices I get online, they decline. <p>It's my opinion, but I think the days where these dealers can price gouge is about over. People are too informed (via the internet) with prices. Dealers will have to survive servicing machines instead of making a killing on each sale and raping the uninformed consumer. <br>
  6. SLSNursery

    SLSNursery LawnSite Senior Member
    Messages: 442

    Good points overall, and I guess I'm lucky. We have a dealer who will stop everything to work on small stuff (backpacks, wheelblowers, trimmers, etc.), and he takes care of us on price (I've been buying from him since 1980ish). He also makes sure that the factory reps or dealer reps visit our shop to follow up on questions or complaints. Sometimes when he can't work on stuff (like machines he doesn't sell), he just says honestly that he can't do it, and there are no hard feelings. I just go to the shop where we buy our mowers (its a little farther away), and they are awesome too! Just today they tuned up our sander, and that was with almost no notice at all. They are so thorough, that I get a complete list of items used and time spent, plus a box full of the old parts, with a complete explanation of what was done. I'm sorry to ramble, but its important to mention the good points of this business too! <p>----------<br>Phil Grande - Soundview Landscape Supply - http://members.aol.com/slsnursery<br>Ivy League Landscaping - http://members.aol.com/scagrider
  7. Lazer

    Lazer LawnSite Bronze Member
    Messages: 1,446

    We've mailordered our 2-cycle stuff for 3 years now. BPB, Trimmers, Stick Edgers, Hedge Trimmers, Chain Saws, etc.<p>Because we weren't getting all that great of service anyway, we buy extra equipment and let them take 2 weeks for warranty work of needed. We sell most all our 2-cycle equipment each year. It's not much more expensive and there is 0 downtime and 0 maintenance. Employees moral is up w/ all new equipment each year.<p>Mowers are another story. I used to run them 1 year a sell when we had belt-drive walk-behinds. Now with Hydros and ZTR's, that would be kinda 'spensive.<br>
  8. Eric ELM

    Eric ELM Husband, Father, Friend, Angel
    Messages: 4,830

    Lazer, you mean those Axe Marks will last over a year? I'm surprised. My Dickie Choppers are 6 and 7 years old and I figure they are about almost half worn out now. Should last another 10 and I might trade up then. Maybe them Axe Marks will be more reliable by then and I'll try one them just to make you :) Not<br><p>----------<br>&lt;a href=&quot;http://www.townserver.com/elm/&quot;&gt;Eric@ELM&lt;/a&gt;<br>
  9. thelawnguy

    thelawnguy LawnSite Silver Member
    Messages: 2,411

    Must be a regional thing. Im near Phil, and I use a dealer 15 miles away rather than in town since they will drop everything to get their commercial customers back on the road. I can phone ahead, arrive ten minutes later and the mechanic is waiting to help get the machine off the truck. Usually Ill grab a bite and the machine will be done w/in an hour. No questions asked, overnight delivery if a part is out of stock or unavailable. Sure I may pay a couple bux more when I buy the equipment but its worth it for that kind of service.<p>Bill
  10. Eric ELM

    Eric ELM Husband, Father, Friend, Angel
    Messages: 4,830

    I agree Bill, down time sucks when you depend on your equipment. Having a good dealer is the key to productivity.<p>----------<br>&lt;a href=&quot;http://www.townserver.com/elm/&quot;&gt;Eric@ELM&lt;/a&gt;<br>

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