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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by Bucky Hughes, Apr 6, 2011.

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    Hey that sounds pretty good how would I go about starting something like that. I wouldnt want to do it with a company that is going to do crapy work or rip people off.
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    Networking can very profitable for all parties involved. Be advised you will be in a minority group. Some guys just can't get by the fact that other contractors are not their sworn enemies.
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    You need to figure out how you want to approach the business. Are you only going to do residential, only commercial or both. Then build a plan and follow through with it.

    The Networking has worked the best for me so far. Yes, I got tons of business by selecting the ugliest yard on the block and maintaining it, I also go a lot of business by networking with those that have just as many contacst as I.

    Are you a good writer? Start a newsletter and talk about your business and the business of Lawn Care. In my newsletter, I ask all the networking partners if they would be interested in hosting their very own column. It has proven to be a good idea because I have experts talking about their experiences and do's and don'ts.

    Like I mentioned earlier, you need to create a culture around your business and market yourself. We have contests and you know people love to win money. We had contest to where you could win $100.00 gas card and all you had to do was sign-up. Our last promotion was at the local elementary. I called and asked the Principal if we could host a pizza party for the smartest kids in class, the honor roll students. We got alot of business through that method because alot of teachers contacted us through their emails and asked us to sponsor their classes for certain events. And we got 7 teachers there who needed yard work or knew someone that needed work

    What can you do? Do you have any special talents? Do you know of anyone with special talents? Are you apart of any charity groups or church groups? People are everywhere and if your logo and motto is catchy....you can get tons of business.
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    Get with another service company in the area you want to get accounts like a pest control or cleaning company and cross network your services and give them a referral fee if the get you an account from their client base.
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    Has anyone made any new contacts
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    I normally don't work on Saturdays but this past weekend I had to due to rain and I'm a Firefighter by trade and have the lawn care biz on my days off. But as I was cutting in a subdivision and I picked up 3 more accts. because the people where at home and outside. :cool2:
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    Try Angie's list also they are free to start and as you add reviews from customers, your visibilty goes up, all my leads from there have been very high quality leads, not just tire kickers like on craig's list, there is also facebook and another great site I found Thumbtack.com I've gotten a ton of calls from there this year.
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    In regards to TriageLawn do you think that your strategy of showing off your work by doing it for free would work for a comercial account? Where i live i have many small businesses on main street that i would love to mow their little lawns every once in a while, but i havent devised a plan to aquire those small accounts. Do you think that if i tell one business ill do your work if you tell your friends sorta it may work? Sorry to ask this in your thread, but i didnt think it was worth a new thread to ask :)
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    Alot has changed since I post that comment nearly one year ago. You know, Angie's list is a good idea and I was thinking about doing that real soon. My only concern is not being able to do the work. Man, I am sooooo tired and I got so much business. Believe me, I am not complaining but I am a one man show and I still have a full-time job. I start cutting every morning at 8 and try my best to get finished by 3, that is what time I am supposed to be at work.

    I feel like I am on the run. I need a vacation. Thanks for the Angie's List tip.
  10. TriageLawn

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    I think anything possible to be honest. If I were in your shoes, I would definitely talk to someone and offer to do something FREE or half off. You got to get out there and "pound the pavement". I had the same situation and let me tell how I handled it. I was cutting a customers yard and in her neighborhood, I realized that a lot of businesses were using older homes as daycares, hair salons, lawyers offices etc... They were renovating the homes and turning the homes into permanent store fronts. I guess its cheaper to buy or rent an older home than it is to rent a small space, who knows. There were atleast 15 businesses on that one stretch and I knew that I could be the motherload if I planned it right. I used the same approach as I did with the residential yards; I found the ugliest yard and transformed that into something very nice. I didn't go overboard, I did a cut, edge, trim and added some pinestraw and added color to the yard. My brother pressure washed the driveway and cleaned the house very nicely.

    Remember, the tradeoff for my free service is allowing me to advertise in her yard with my brochure and pricelist. I even tied a yellow balloon to the sign so that people will automatically glance at the sign. Let me make this story short because I have a job to do at 10:00. I got calls but surprisingly, I got calls from other residential homes in the neighborhood and not the business' I was targeting. I did retain the original client and I picked up her neighbor who owns a local pest control company. I was a little disappointed because I wanted those other businesses on that stretch but then I realized, 'why not network with the my customers and offer there clients my services'. Good idea? It was a very good idea because the customer with the ugly yard had atleast 100 clients. 100!!! Thats 100 contacts I didn't have before. I offered to do her home and office free but she had to help me market my services to her customers and introduce me to everyone. I forgot to add that this was a salon for women and I met A LOT women who needed my help. I did that pest control company the exact same way and since my brother does pressure washing, we now offer a package to all of our customer.

    You see how that works? You got to NETWORK. Sometimes people aren't willing to give free information but if you paint a pretty picture and they are convinced that there is MONEY at the end of the rainbow -- you will gain more business. Join a Network. Form a network. Be creative. Ask questions.

    I love dealing with small businesses because they are hungry for work. My next big move is to go to my church and ask the staff if I can add my business to the church newsletter. And again, the tradeoff will be MY business doing the church lawn free and possibly more. I hope this answers your question.

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