Where to start with Bermuda?

Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by zzx0281, Apr 15, 2006.

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    Recently purchased home in Huntsville, AL and the previous owners neglected to care for the lawn properly. So far I have sprayed Othro Weed Be Gone and had a guy come out and detatch. I have considered hiring a company to apply my applications, but I am convinced that I can do it myself. I would like some suggestions on what steps to take on lawn?




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    Bermuda is a tough aggressive turf. It looks like the lawn was over seeded with perennial rye for the winter, but they either did it late in the season or didn't scalp low enough or both, so they had very poor germination. The Bermuda is just coming out of dormancy. Get some water and fert to it, cut it low 3/4" and it should begin to take off as it heats up. Don't verticut now[/B ]Optimum soil temps are 75-85 so that means 85 or higher daytime temps. Night time temps need to be above 65 consistently. Keep it cut low and infrequent watering (2 times per week) and it will quickly choke out any weeds. I am not familiar with the broad-leaf weed in your picture, if it is persistent into June a weed and feed type product should do the trick. The key to success with that stuff is, no mow for 2 days before application, water just before application so leaves are wet, then no mow or water for 2-3 days after application, and do the application early in the morning. Bermuda is a great turf.
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    good advise

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    Unless You Are Experienced In Lawn Care Id Reccomend Hiring It Out To Chemlawn Or Some Place Similar, Also Buy A Good Reel Mower And Keep It At 1.5 Inces. Also In Alabama , Like For Me In Ga., Get Ready To Mow About Every 2 Or Three Days In The Summer. If You Let It Go Too Long It Will Grow Over Your House And Car And No One Will Be Able To Find You ......ever!

    Nice Place Dude!!

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