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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by gunputt, Dec 3, 2001.

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    Where does one need to start to become educated in fertilization of lawns. Everyone I talk to about mowing wants to know if fertilize also. I do my own lawn, but am quite sure that is not enough to go into that side of the buisiness.

    Thanks for any help.
  2. John,

    A good place to start would be your local Agricultural Extension Service office. They should have information on fertilizer recommendations for you area. They also should be able to give you some sources for additional reading about fertilization of turfgrasses.

    Another source would be to check and see if there is a Lesco store in your area, they have lots of info on turf fertilization programs.

    Also you can do a search here at Lawnsite for fertilizer, fertilization programs. There is alot of good information in some of the older post hear concerning turfgrass fertilization programs.
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    Take rich's advise and start with you county extention agent. He knows your areas soil and can give a program to follow. Fertilizer is the most misunderstood thing in our industry. The more I learn about fertilizer the more I realize I don't know nothing. So don't think you are alone. If you ask most 20 year veteran of lawn care to name the 17 elements used by plants. You will find they can't name 7. Let alone know what they do for the plant. My website has some info on fertilizer that might get you started. It only touches the surface but it is free. Hopefully you will get more than you pay for.

    Ric's Website on fertilizer
  4. gunputt

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    Thanks guys.
    I found a Lesco dealer,( didn't know we had one till yesterday, 1 mile from my house even). very helpfull people there. Anyway they have pointed me in the right direction, and have made me realize it would be silly not to be in that part of the biz.
    Thanks again
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    I started with my lawn. Guess your on the right track.lol

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