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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by turfman33, May 21, 2002.

  1. turfman33

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    Ok, I have searched the site for storage idea's and they are a bit out my league right now. I have been mowing for about a year now and want to upgrade the trailer and get a bigger mower. Right now I have a 36" John Deere as well as other equipment. I want to also have a 54" ZTR. My problem is, Right now I can get the trailer I have in the garage. But, when I move up to a bigger trailer I got no chance Of getting it in there. While I have been driving around out there I have passed the storage units but they don't look big enough to swing a cat in let alone back a trailer into. Does anybody know of Lock up's that are big enough to move a trailer around in and back one into the lock up area. I live here in Orlando Florida. Thanks.

  2. LawnLad

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    Steve... storage is tough for any size company, but I imagine even tougher for us little guys who don't have the capital to invest into a commercial property/shop with some yard space.

    Therefore... be creative. A lot of my suggestions depend on zoning and how tough the city/township, etc. you live in is going to be on you or really on our profession.

    Here are a few options:
    1) Rent garage space from a neighbor who doesn't use their garage... like older folks who don't drive. Make sure you're trailer will fit. Either trade service or pay cash.
    2) Find another contractor with space that you can rent
    3) Build a new garage on your own property that will better suit your needs
    4) If your current property wont allow for a new garage, buy a house somewhere that will allow businesses, build a barn/shop there. Work from your home.
    5) Rent commercial/industrial space

    Storage units aren't cheap, and you often deal with limited access, no electric, water or heat, and someone could be in your way anytime you go to get your equipment.
  3. eslawns

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    I'm curious about why you need to put the trailer in the garage. You could set a large coffee can full of concrete about 2 feet in the ground with a heavy chain set in the concrete. Once it sets and you bury it, it will make a great place to anchor the trailer. Just use a very large lock and connect that chain to the trailer safety chain. Nobody willing to dig that up would be swayed by much.

    If your budget won't allow a new garage, see if you can rent 2 storage units adjacent to one another. I used a storage unit before we bought our house.

    There was a guy in there who lives in an apartment and started a LC biz. He rented a 12'x20' one, and when he outgrew it he got the one on the back side. The manager allowed him to remove the wall between them and make it one large area. Now he has a 20'x24' and doors on either access way. If there are cars, he just goes to the other side. He also pays to keep 3 trucks and trailers there.

    There is another guy who had one there who had a large unit and used it as a woodshop. He had a garage at his house but the neighbors were always griping about the noise.

    As far as I know, the only limitation placed on us there was that we could not store fuel. Gas in equipment was OK, but not in containers. Oh, and no welding. I didn't like that I couldn't have access to my stuff 24/7.

    These are the things you need to know first. You could also store the junk from your garage there and use the garage.

    BTW, it was also cheap. Mine was $100 a month.
  4. Tony Harrell

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    A few years ago, I rented a large unit at a storage facility in Pensacola for $45 a month. It was large enough for a Dodge maxi van, a 1963 Ford stepside and several Yamaha YZ's and my workbench. When I first looked at it, it looked like a tunnel!
  5. Pro-Cut Lawns

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    I have a small one car garage and I pull all my removable stuff (trimmers, blowers, etc) off the trailer at night and either put them in the garage or lock them in my truck (which has a topper). I cover my Z with a tarp and leave it set in the driveway. Its not the best solution but I live in a subdivision with a few retired people that are home daily. If Im out of town for the weekend for some reason, I unload the Z and put it in the garage. I would love to have a storage facility and shop combined but its not going to happen for me in the near future.
  6. stslawncare

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    actually my familiy is getting ready to move, plce we are going to might not be able to use the garage, i am talking with other landscaper/firefighters to see if i can share there shops, last resort will be a storage garage, i think they are pretty cheap but not as close as i would like and also the access might be an issue
  7. Mykster

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    Any local farmers in your area? Alot of farmers around here rent space in there barns they don't use anymore. I've seen boats, RV's, motorcycles, cars, trailers of all kinds. Wouldn't hurt to ask.
  8. KirbysLawn

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    Compair the cost of a starage facility v/s an enclosed trailer.
  9. Ray&Christine

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    How about an enclosed trailer or maybe a Cube Van that you could lock up at night. If you can't keep it in your driveway you could rent an outside parking space for it cheaper than an an indoor storage spot. When we lived in a condo I rented a small storage unit, it was expensive, around $150 per month plus it was a 20 minute drive one way from home. The next year I bought a used enclosed trailer and rented a spot in a private driveway for $50 per and it was only 2 minutes away,so the trailer would pay for itself in a short time.

  10. stslawncare

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    hey guys, called a few storage places to see how prices were. prices for 3 places were the same within about $5. 10x10 - $100, 10x15 - $125, 10x20 - $145, 10x30 - $200.

    my question is what size do u guys reccamend i get? most of you know my situation and my business very well. main item inside of here would be a 6.5x8, the most other items that would be on the ground (not on trailer) would be 2 wheel barrels, my tractor and wagon, but for the most part will i really expand they can be on the trailer. what size would you guys reccamend?i figure i want a little bit bigger then what i need right now, but how much bigger? remember im on a tight budget.

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