Where will the clippings go?

Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by tonym, Apr 25, 2005.

  1. tonym

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    I currently mow my lawn with a Walker so my clippings are bagged, but I plan to get rid of the Walker and get a Hustler Fastrak. I plan to put Gator blades on it without the mulching kit. So the clippings will shoot out the side. I have never mowed like this beofre so I am not familiar with how this will look. Do the clippings just fall into the grass and you cannot see them? Also how far will the clippings shoot out, I do not want them in my landscape areas and house etc....
    WHat is the proper way to handle this so clippings are kept out of landscape and kept invisible in the lawn?
    Thank you
  2. Advance The Man

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    I have the FasTrak and have the mulching kit installed. Have stock blades and with St Augustine grass it incinerates the grass blades enough where it is not a problem with thatch or walking through it. If I let the grass grow too much, I would imagine it would be a problem. With my grass, mulching is a great thing. It's professionally fertilized once a month and by mulching, it acts like a slow release of fertilization.

    Another opinion is the bag on a ZTR looks silly to me. I don't want anything impeding trimming and maneuvering.
  3. EC-Rider

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    The clippings will be turned into mostly powder by the Hustler and will disappear into the grass…really! LOL! :gunsfirin

    Just make sure to aim away from the landscape area or the house by mowing with the trim side…driver’s side. :p

    The only time you need to worry about bagging is if you want that Walker manicured look or have Centipede grass, which can be damaged by over fertilization. :cry:
    Also during leaf fall\spring cleanup…but you can use a blower \ shredder combo for that such as the ECHO ES-230 instead of a bagging system.

    Hope that helps!

    It’s all good! Enjoy! Peace! :angel:


    EC-Rider :waving::
  4. zgman

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  5. tonym

    tonym LawnSite Member
    from PA
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    The qwickchute seems like a good solution. Can you tell me more about how it works? What happens when you have it full open, with the chute removed that comes with the fastrack? Do the clippings really go out of control or is it not much differant then having the factory shoot attached?
  6. zgman

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    The factory kit includes baffles. I don't want to slow down to avoid clumping which mulching can create if you're going too fast or the grass is wet. The Gator blades will cut the clippings shorter compared to the stock blades. The clippings will not be noticable and will provide nutrients to the soil.

    The qwikchute works well in preventing unwanted clippings in flower beds, walkways and driveways, but keeping the cover closed tends to leave a string of clippings behind when used for an extended period. I never used the half open option. It's worth getting as long as you're not getting a bagger. If you decide to get a bagger, you will have to take the chute on and off each time. A bit of hassle unless you find a way to rig it.
  7. LawnScapers of Dayton

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    I have the ACS on my 52" Stander.........it is also very effective in keeping the clippings out of the beds, etc....... I tend to use the 25% open feature here and there.....it basically causes the clippings to be shot backward instead of straight out the side..........

    As far as getting use to side discharging.....it won't take you long to figure out how to approach obstacles without blowing grass all over them....

  8. tonym

    tonym LawnSite Member
    from PA
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    Thanks, now the thing I am undecided on is, should I get a mulching kit for the Fastrak, or should I leave it the way it is and get the Quickchute?
    On the Hustler forum mowerman told me to use the stock blades if I use the quickchute, and gator blades if I use their mulch kit. Now I just need to pick one method or the other. Any advice?
  9. tonym

    tonym LawnSite Member
    from PA
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    Zgman , what do you mean the factory kit includes baffles, what do the baffles do?
  10. Critical Care

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    Since lawns differ from one type of grass to another, and from one area to another, you may find that the rate of decomposition of the mulched or shredded clippings isn't as fast as the turfs actual rate of growth.

    When this happens, you begin to build up a thatch layer and may be picking up and reshredding previous cut grass. So much of this depends upon environmental factors, but just as a caveat, keep an eye on the thatch. You may have to dethatch more frequently.

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